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Vision For FY2012
OSPM's vision is for the office to be a trusted resource to our internal partners and for HUD to be a model of superior performance in the federal government. OSPM will achieve its vision through practicing and advancing 1) project management discipline and best practices, 2) cross program collaboration, and 3) robust use of data to drive decision-making.
  • Project management discipline and best practices: OSPM aims to continue to foster and model best practices. By the end of FY2012, OSPM would be successful in this respect if:
    • Transformation priority projects have established project plans that support accountability and success
    • HUD serves as a model for other grant-making agencies to emulate.
    • Risk aversion diminishes and risk-taking failure is celebrated - a HUD in which innovation is encouraged
  • Cross program collaboration: OSPM hopes to further model and foster collaboration, working toward deeper institutionalization of collaboration within the agency. By the end of FY2012, OSPM would be successful in this respect if:
    • All offices perceived the value of sharing knowledge, training, systems, and collective targets with each other- working together to achieve mutual goals.
    • Each office believes it can learn something from another office
    • HUD continues to create focal points for collaboration like Strong Cities, Strong Communities and connects frontline employees' activities to HUD's mission
  • Robust utilization of data to make decisions: OSPM envisions a HUD that understands the value of data, using it to make decisions and provide direction. By the end of FY2012, OSPM would be successful in this respect if:
    • Participants leverage HUDStat to make decisions and improve discussion or discovery
    • Data quality across the agency improves
    • Staff view data not as something to simply be collected, but to be analyzed and studied for insight about how programs and operations are working