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HUD in Alaska
Candles on cake  “80”

Preserving the Dream

100,000 reasons why Alaska says, Happy 80th FHA!
Learn more about 80 years of FHA.
[House destroyed in Galena flooding]
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What Now?
The Yukon has roared. Homes have been destroyed. And now it s time to re-build. See how HUD can help.
[Learn more about how HUD can help in the aftermath of the Galena flooding]
[1964 Earthquake. Alaska]
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Preparing for and Recovering from Earthquakes
Did you know that the U.S. Geological Survey says AK, ID, OR and WA are among just a handful of states facing a 'very high risk' of earthquakes.
[Learn More]
announcement that Cook Inlet won prize for revitalization
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Cook Inlet Housing Authority revitalization of Anchorage neighborhood wows nation s planners.
[Watch the Video]
[Find out about the impact the Recovery Act is having in the Northwest]
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Recovery Act
Find out about the impact the Recovery Act is having in the Northwest
[Learn More]
picture of Bill Block being interviewed by Jerry Brown of OPA
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Region X Administrator Bill Block
Meet Bill Block, the new HUD Northwest Regional Administrator
watch the video
gray home with snow cleared from sidewalk
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Buying a Home?
Did you know your mortgage lender is required to disclose all fees associated with your loan? More tips on our Homeownership page.
Learn More about homeownership.
row of brick apartments
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Learn about your housing rights to make sure you get fair treatment. Visit our Rental Help page.
Visit our Rental Help page.
Open Government Initiative

Learn more about HUD's Open Government Initiative

HUD Implementation of the Recovery Act

Learn more about HUD's Implementation of the Recovery Act

Making Home Affordable

[Logo: Making Home Affordable]

Learn more about Making Home Affordable
Innovation of the Day

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