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Atlanta Regional Office - Program Directory

HUD's Atlanta Regional Office is located at:
Five Points Plaza Building
40 Marietta Street
Atlanta, GA 30303

Please contact any of our program offices directly for assistance; however, for general information or to determine which program area may best assist you, please contact our office at (404) 331-5136.

Atlanta Program Offices

Phone Number

Atlanta Regional Office

(404) 331-5136

Multifamily Housing

(678) 732-2316

Office of Public Housing

(678) 732-2258
(800) 955-2232

Office of Community and Planning and Development

(678) 732-2545

Office of Fair Housing Equal Opportunity

(678) 732-2526
(800) 440-8091

Atlanta Homeownership Center/Single Family Housing

(800) 225-5342

Office of Inspector General Hotline

(800) 347-3735

Office of Regional Counsel

(678) 732-2673

Labor Relations

(678) 732-2041

Environmental Staff

(678) 732-2557

Economic & Market Analysis Division

(404) 331-6623

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HUD Implementation of the Recovery Act

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Making Home Affordable

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