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Chicago Hub

Chicago Multifamily Hub is responsible for rental housing developments of five or more units that use any of HUD's FHA mortgage insurance programs, and/or which receive project-based rental assistance subsidies. The Chicago Multifamily Hub presently serves the states of Illinois and Indiana. The Division is currently organized into two branches.

The Project Management Branch is responsible for servicing a diverse portfolio of properties. These may include: FHA-insured properties (subsidized and non-subsidized), properties with mortgages held by lenders or by HUD, non-insured properties with Section 8 assistance, properties for the elderly and handicapped developed under Section 202 and 811 programs, Rural developed properties and HUD owned properties.

  • Project Management provides technical assistance to owners and management agents and assists tenants/residents with questions and complaints. The branch conducts monitoring reviews to ensure compliance with HUD's financial, management, physical condition which includes occupancy requirements
  • Contract Administration administers Section 202/811 fund assignments, Multifamily Section 8 project amendments and serves as the oversight monitor for two Performance Based Contract Administrators (PBCAs) in Illinois and Indiana. The PBCAs administer Section 8 project based assistance contracts and are responsible for the owner/management compliance with HUD Section 8 requirements and resident concerns. Illinois, National Housing Compliance (NHC), formerly Georgia HAP Administrators, Inc. Indiana, Indiana Housing Finance Agency
  • Project Management also processes certain rent increases and assists owners with special grants, such asFlexible Subsidy, Service Coordinators and Neighborhood Networks an initiative to place computers in HUD assisted properties.

The Operations Branch oversees the production of all HUD-related privately owned multifamily housing in Region V - Chicago. This includes insuring multifamily loans for residential projects that serve family, elderly and disabled/handicapped persons. Loans which are provided by commercial lenders and insured by HUD may be for purchase, refinance or developing multifamily structures. Funding is also provided to non-profit organizations for development and operation of multi-resident housing units for elderly and disabled/handicapped persons.

  • Operations provide the overall direction and management of all matters relating to funding for multifamily properties that are both insured and non-insured. Funding responsibilities include overseeing processing, maintaining and tracking of all multifamily housing fund assignments including processing funding for expiring Section 8 contracts. Descriptions of Multifamily loan programs can be found at
  • Illinois, National Housing Compliance (NHC), formerly Georgia HAP Administrators, Inc
    • NHC -- (773) 304-0431

  • Indiana, Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority
    • IHCDA -- (800) 872-0371 (Indiana residents) and (317) 232-7777

For general information about either the Project Management Branch or the Operations Branch in the Chicago Multifamily Hub please send an email to Mary E. Watkins, Senior Project Manager, or call (312) 353-6236, ext. 8552.

Chicago Multifamily Housing Contacts

Name Title Phone Number
Daniel J. Burke Director, Chicago Multifamily Hub (312) 913-8152
Mary Anderson Director of Operations

(312) 913-8102

Debbie Gray Director, Project Management (312) 913-8142
Darletta Baugh Supervisory Project Manager (312) 913-8160
Gail Burks Supervisory Project Manager (312) 913-8121
Sharon King Supervisory Project Manager (312) 913-8126
Ryan Lafollette Supervisory Project Manager (312) 913-8181
Mary E. Watkins Senior Project Manager Coordinator (312) 913-8552

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