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Public Housing Contacts: Indiana

Indianapolis Field Office
Phone: (317) 226-6303
Fax: (317) 226-5594

For questions about HUD rental programs, including Housing Choice (Section 8) Vouchers, call our Public and Indian Housing Information and Resource Center toll-free at (800) 955-2232 or contact us via email

Name Title Phone Number

Forrest Jones

Director (317) 226-6303, ext. 6557

Jennifer Charles

Revitalization Specialist (317) 226-6303, ext. 7020

Nathaniel Johnson

Revitalization Specialist (317) 226-6303, ext. 5035

Nellene Lyles

Revitalization Specialist (317) 226-6303, ext. 6559

Bruce Nzerem

Revitalization Specialist (317) 226-6303, ext. 6024

David M. Devaughn

General Engineer (317) 226-6303, ext. 6828

Katherine Hutcherson

Financial Analyst (317) 226-6303, ext. 6882

Lawrence Jones

Program Analyst (317) 226-6303, ext. 6023

Kimberly Wize

Program Analyst (317) 226-6303, ext. 7357

Christopher K. Walsh

Presidential Intern (317) 226-6303, ext. 6745
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