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Inspector General's Office

Detroit Office of the Inspector General Phone: (313) 226-7900

Office of Audit Extension
Anthony Smith (Asst Regional Inspector General for Audit) 8062
David Brazier (Auditor) 8063
Judy Storrs (Auditor) 8065
Doug Taylor (Auditor) 8068
Dan Zacheretti (Auditor) 8102
Rhondi Redmond (Auditor) 8120
Tanika C. Casson (Auditor) 8224
Stephen A. McIntyre (Auditor) 8067
Jacqueline N. Hyslop (Information Systems Auditor) Outstationed to HQs 8066
Fax Number (313) 226-7842
Office of Investigation
Mike Cantenella (Special Agent) 8169
Mike Wixted (Special Agent) 8070
Margaret Nader (Special Agent) 8069
Fax Number (313) 226-5377
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