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Michigan Office of Public Housing
Reames, Lindsey S. (Field Operations - HQ) 234-7473
Garrett, Willie C. (Public Housing Hub Director) 234-7461
Broadnax, Chandra M. (Program Analyst) 234-7456
Garrison, Ulysses S. (Financial Analyst) 234-7462
Richardson, Claunella D. (Financial Analyst) 234-7468
Vacant (Division Director) 234-7459
De La Fuente, Katherine A. (Revitalization Specialist) 234-7457
English, Jinane L. (Facilities Manager) 234-7458
Foster, Angela D. (Revitalization Specialist) 234-7460
Gordon, Douglas C. (Revitalization Specialist) 234-7463
Hairston, Patricia M. (Revitalization Specialist) 234-7464
Micoff, Dan L. (Facilities Manager) 234-7465
Paul, Nakisha (Revitalization Specialist) 234-7466
Platt Robert K. (Program Analyst - HQ) 234-7467
Rush, Cheryl D. (Quality Assurance Specialist - HQ) 234-7469
Sims, Valerie V. (Revitalization Specialist) 234-7470
Wears, Richard B. (Revitalization Specialist) 234-7472
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