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Minnesota Multifamily Circulars & Policy

These circulars contain important information, guidance, and policy issued by the Minneapolis Office of Multi-Family Housing.

Circular Number Issues Covered Date of Issue
08-02 Policies and Procedures for New Cooperatives Projects December 1, 2008
08-01 Part 58 Environmental; Minnesota SHPO; Minneapolis Hub's Moratoria; Coordinating Lender; Market Studies on MN Tax Credit Projects; Energy Efficient Features; Sandwich (Master) Leases in FHA Insured Projects; New Staff Person; Development Staff Lists April 8, 2008
07-02 FHA Streamlining, Davis Bacon, Third Party Reports December 31, 2007
07-01 Pre-payments of FHA Insured Loans/Section 250(a) and change to the Active Partner Performance System (APPS) March 30, 2007
06-02 Cooperative Issues, Requirements of the Design Architect, APPS, and Clarification to Circular 05-02 December 15, 2006
06-01 Automated Processing Forms HUD 92264 and 92264A Exhibits for TAP Refinances of Section 202's using Section 223(f); Covers various issues relating to the underwriting of FHA Insured Loans May 10, 2006
05-02 Various Issues Relating to Underwriting of FHA Insured Loans: Lender fees (per paragraph 14.15H of the MAP Guide; Requirements of Due Diligence Certification; Requirements for Commercial Credit Reports and Residential Mortgage Credit Reports; Requirement of 2013 Supplements for Spouses; Financial Statement Requirements; Sponsor's Continuing Commitment: Written Statements from Sponsors Indicating the Parameters of their Financial Commitment to and Contractual relationship with the mortgagor; Smoke Detectors Requirements on Section 223(f)'s; State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) Review Requirements; Phase I Environmental Reports on New Construction Cooperatives; 202 Refinances (Developer's Fee and work-writeup escrows) December 15, 2005
05-01 Various Issues Relating to Underwriting/Construction Servicing of FHA Insured Loans: Retainage on both MAP and TAP projects; Requirements for Forms HUD-92264/A, HUD-92273 and HUD-92274 on MAP projects; and addressing Notes payable on financial statements/cost certifications October 28, 2005
04-05 Revision to Minnesota HUB policy on Ambulatory Travel Distances in FHA Multifamily Projects with elevators October 22, 2004
04-03 Hub policy on Using MAP and TAP for MAP-Eligible Projects. September 27, 2004
04-02 Summary of Minneapolis MF Hub Moratoria Areas in Minnesota in order to address potential adverse impact and overbuilding September 27, 2004
04-01 Revision to Minneapolis MF Hub policy on Ambulatory Travel Distances in FHA Multifamily Projects with elevators February 18, 2004
03-15 The circular is withdrawn, as it has been found to be in violation of the MAP Guide's prohibition of separate Hub requirements not in conformance with the program. August 22, 2003
03-14 HUD's requirements relating to Time Extension Change Orders July 8, 2003
03-13 Moratorium on FHA Insured 221(d)(4) or Section 220 General Occupancy in Rochester Metropolitan Statistical Area June 27, 2003
03-11 Minneapolis MF Hub guidance on Secondary Financing used to meet cash requirements May 29, 2003
03-10 Minneapolis MF Hub Underwriting Guidance: Invitation Letters for TAP projects, Returning of TAP appraisals (appraisals submitted prior to Circular 03-02), and Share Collections on Section 213 (Cooperative) projects May 8, 2003
03-09 Hub Underwriting Guidance on acceptable Occupancy Rates April 29, 2003
03-07 Guidance on completing HUD-2530, Previous Participation Certification April 16, 2003
03-06 Underwriting Issue Clarification on Entry Care Units in Assisted Living Facilities April 10, 2003
03-04 Early Start Requirements April 7, 2003
03-03 Requirements for Construction Changes March 27, 2003
03-02 Underwriting Issues: Minneapolis MF Office no longer accepts Appraisal Reports paid for by MAP Lenders for projects that could have been submitted under MAP March 21, 2003
03-01 Underwriting Guidance: Management Fees for the Management Certification, Requirements for Section 213(i) proposals in Minnesota, Discontinuance of refinancing Section 241(f) mortgages, and additional guidance on underwriting Assisted Living Facilities February 28, 2003
02-01 Guidance on underwriting Independent Elderly Projects using base rents (without meals), underwriting and sizing of Assisted Living Facilities with Memory Care units, and determining realistic Operating Expense ratios on Assisted Living Projects December 19, 2002

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