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Public Housing

About the Local Program Office - Minneapolis Field Office, Office of Public Housing, works with 141 Housing Authorities (sometimes referred to as PHAs, HRAs, EDAs, or CDAs) throughout the state of Minnesota. It is the responsibility of the Field Office to ensure that Housing Authorities are administering their rental assistance programs according to Federal regulations and guidelines. The Field Office offers technical assistance to Housing Authorities, reviews their reports and policies, assesses their performance, and works together with Housing Authorities to make sure tenants are living in decent, safe, and sanitary housing.

Housing Authorities administer two types of HUD rental assistance programs; the Low Rent Public Housing program and the Housing Choice Voucher program.

In addition to the oversight of 141 Housing Authorities, HUD's Minneapolis Public Housing division also answers questions from tenants, the general public, local organizations, and Congress.

Local Public Housing Staff

Service Areas (Jurisdictions) - The Minneapolis Office of Public Housing (PH) is responsible for the oversight and monitoring of the 141 Public Housing Authorities in the State of Minnesota.

Guidance and Technical Assistance from the Local Program Office

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