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HUD in Nevada
John Elder walking with son towards their new home.
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Home Donated Mortgage-Free to Vietnam Veteran

Veteran Walks with Son to Their New Home.
Learn more about the Home donated to a Veteran.
group smiling and posing
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Secretary Visits HUD Las Vegas Staff U.S. Veterans
Murray Stravers-Army; Frank Castro-Army; David Ewing-Army; Julian Castro-HUD Secretary; Bernie Yergeau-Air Force; Janie Lopez-Navy; Brian Sagert-Navy
Left – Mimi  Woodruff – FPM, Las Vegas Management Analyst – explains Homeownership to attendees.
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Homeownership is Thriving in Las Vegas
There's No Place Like Home Fair at Zappos.
Learn more about Homeownership is Thriving in Las Vegas
Senator Harry Reid – speaking at podium
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Faith Forum 2014

Senator Harry Reid Spoke on Issues Facing Nevada.
Learn more about the Faith Forum
Las Vegas Metro Police Officer Captain William Scott of Bolden Area Command leads an inspirational talk about the importance of the police and the community working together peacefully to make the community a better place.
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A Partnership for Kids, Vegas Style

Partnerships Supported by Las Vegas Office of Opportunity
[Learn more about the Partnership for Kids.]
[white house with wood deck]
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Tips for Homebuyers
Be sure to shop for the best loan. Ask about FHA loans. To get better terms, visit or call more than one lender.
[Learn more about homeownership]
[block long two story apartment buildings]
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Time to rent?
Before signing a lease, make sure you inspect the property carefully. Make a list of needed repairs. Discuss them with your landlord.
[Learn more about renting]
[FHA Door to Homeownership logo]
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Let FHA Loans Help You
To get better terms, visit or call more than one lender. Ask about FHA loans.
[Learn more about FHA loans]
Open Government Initiative

Learn more about HUD's Open Government Initiative

HUD Implementation of the Recovery Act

Learn more about HUD's Implementation of the Recovery Act

Making Home Affordable

[Logo: Making Home Affordable]

Learn more about Making Home Affordable
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