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Khelsea Smith: Our Fourteenth Student Intern!

The Department of Housing and Urban Development-Las Vegas Office has had the privilage to work with another summer intern over the 2014 summer break. Khelsea Smith is our 14th summer intern.

Khelsea is with the Clark County Summer Business Institute (SBI.) We have been actively involved in this program for the last fourteen years. The institute is sponsored by a partnership of the Clark County Government and over 70 Southern Nevada Businesses. They promote summer employment for inner city high school students that are juniors, seniors, and college freshman.

She is very thankful for SBI to have accepted her into this program. Khelsea is also thankful to her parents in their support on everything she wants to pursue towards her future. Quote "Thanks Mom and Dad for your support on everything I want to do or become".

[Photo: Khelsea Smith our 14th summer intern, smiling]
Khelsea Smith - our 14th summer intern

Ms. Smith attends Canyon Springs High School, North Las Vegas, Nevada. She came into the program at 17. She was accepted into the program and works in the Las Vegas HUD office.

Khelsea quotes "working at the HUD office has helped her a lot by seeing how HUD staff help the community for the less fortunate people who are unable to get a house on their own". She recognized that many people call the office and they direct them to the place that can help them the most. She is grateful that she was chosen to work at the HUD office.

She will be starting her senior year in the fall. She is anxious to graduate in order that she may start higher education. It is the pursuit of her passion to follow in her grandmother's profession of a registered nurse. She wants this career because she doesn't like to see other people suffer from sickness. She to be part of helping everyone feel better. Nursing, Khelsea states, is a lot of work but it's worth it to help others.

Another important interest in her life is the love of playing basketball. She started playing at an early age with the Mountain View Christian School in Las Vegas. She states that she was "rusty" but has made major improvements.

She is a committed and spends every free time to play basketball and has added to her teams winning many games during the summer months. Her basketball passion is very high. Has aspirations of playing basketball every chance she can get.

"The Las Vegas Office staff has been a strong advocate of this program. Working with outstanding youth like Khelsea provides an opportunity for staff to expose them to how important civil engagement is to those less fortunate."

Khelsea Smith was mentored by Bernie Yergeau, Management Analyst, and Las Vegas Field Policy Management.

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