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HUD in Oregon
[Silhouette of Firefighter at Wildfire]

Are you prepared?
The Oregon Wildfire Season is Upon Us
[Learn More about being prepared for wildfires]
[Candles on cake “80”]

Preserving the Dream
375,000 reasons why Oregon says, Happy 80th FHA!
[Learn more about 80 years of FHA.]
[Residents of the Bridge Meadows complex, flying model airplanes]
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Taking Off
Oregon Opens One of the First Intergenerational Housing Developments in America
[Learn more about the Residents of the Bridge Meadows complex.]
[Find out about the impact the Recovery Act is having in the Northwest]
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Recovery Act
Find out about the impact the Recovery Act is having in the Northwest
[Learn More]
[Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas]
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Room at the Inn
One night, HUD's partners across Oregon provided emergency & transitional shelter to 7,241 homeless. The Las Vegas Flamingo Hotel (10th largest U.S. hotel) would've been 50 rooms short.
[Learn more about homeless resources]
[apartment building]
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Need a Place to Rent?
To apply for low-income housing at privately owned apartments, you will need to visit the management office of the buildings that interest you.
[Learn more about Rental Assistance]
[well maintained house with freshly cut green lawn]
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Buying a Home?
Your credit history is a key factor in determining if you will be approved for a mortgage. A housing counselor can help you understand and suggest ways to fix credit problems.
[Learn more about Homeownership.]
Open Government Initiative

Learn more about HUD's Open Government Initiative

HUD Implementation of the Recovery Act

Learn more about HUD's Implementation of the Recovery Act

Making Home Affordable

[Logo: Making Home Affordable]

Learn more about Making Home Affordable
Innovation of the Day

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