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Florida Community Development Block Grant Funds

For Rural Cities and Towns of less than 50,000 people and Rural Counties of less than 200,000 people

HUD provides CDBG funds directly to urban areas (cities of more than 50,000 people, and counties of more than 200,000 people based on Census data) and to the State of Florida (which services the rural areas) as a result of Congress's passing the 1974 Housing and Community Development Act. The State's responsible department is the Department of Community Affairs. The only eligible applicants for this competitive program are rural cities and counties, and cities that opt out of the entitlement program. The funds must benefit Very Low, Low or Moderate Income residents and be used to prevent or eliminate slum or blight. Funds can also be used to address an urgent need of recent origin for which there is no other funding source. Eligible activities include improving local housing, streets, infrastructure, utilities, public facilities, and downtown redevelopment.

Since 1983, Florida has received an annual allocation of $18 - 35 million. The Florida legislature decides how the funds will be allocated, though the Department of Community Affairs makes all grant decisions. Currently the Legislature has decided the following:

    20% Housing
    40% Neighborhood Revitalization
    10% Commercial Revitalization
    30% Economic Development

Nonprofits can only participate in this program by working with their local city or county government.

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