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Environmental Contacts
for New Jersey and New York

The Environmental Contacts page is to provide relevant State resources and tools to assist in completing environmental reviews in Region II.

Environmental  Guidance

To obtain information for the Environmental Contacts click on the [Photo: Checkbox]

Airport Clear & Accident Potential Zones [Photo: Checkbox] [Photo: Checkbox]
Clean Air Act [Photo: Checkbox] [Photo: Checkbox]
Coastal Zone Management [Photo: Checkbox] [Photo: Checkbox]
Endangered Species [Photo: Checkbox] [Photo: Checkbox]
Environmental Justice [Photo: Checkbox] [Photo: Checkbox]
Farmland Protection Policy [Photo: Checkbox] [Photo: Checkbox]
Floodplain Management [Photo: Checkbox] [Photo: Checkbox]
Historic Preservation [Photo: Checkbox] [Photo: Checkbox]
Sole Source Aquifers [Photo: Checkbox] [Photo: Checkbox]
Toxic Chemicals & Radioactive Materials [Photo: Checkbox] [Photo: Checkbox]
Wetland Protection [Photo: Checkbox] [Photo: Checkbox]
Wild & Scenic Rivers Act [Photo: Checkbox] [Photo: Checkbox]

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