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Private Funding Sources

Corporate Grant Makers

Corporations use two methods for carrying out their grant making. One way is through corporate foundations, which are legally separate, tax-exempt organizations that make grants on behalf of parent corporations. Another grant making method is via corporate giving programs whereby grants are made directly from the corporation itself. Many companies operate both a foundation and a company giving office and divide grant making between the two based on the type of funding being provided. Below is a partial list of major corporate grant makers in Ohio:

Community Foundations

Community foundations are organized and operated as a permanent
collection of charitable funds donated by many different individuals,
businesses, and organizations. These foundations offer distinct services to
donors as a flexible vehicle and information resource for accomplishing their philanthropic goals. Services are provided to charitable organizations as a
source of grant support and technical assistance and to community
organizations that may serve as a convener and catalyst around significant community issues. About one-half of Ohio's community foundations have
staff, while others are run exclusively by volunteers. Below is a partial list
of community foundations in Ohio:

Private and Family Foundations

Most private foundations are established by an individual, family, or group of individuals to channel financial resources to charitable causes. The fastest
growing segment of the private foundation world is the family foundation.
They offer an opportunity for families to unite around a common mission.
Many family foundations are operated solely by family members who
volunteer their time to carry out the mission of the foundation. Below is a
partial list of private and family foundations in Ohio:

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