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Concept Meetings
Multifamily Hub: Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming

Lenders must participate in a Concept Meeting with the Hub, either in person or by teleconference prior to application submission for: a) all market rate and affordable new construction/substantial rehabilitation projects, and b) refinancing/purchase transaction if there are concerns about marketability, environment, competing proposals or for projects with significant cash out or large loans.

Concept meetings are generally conducted on Thursdays at 1:30 pm. They can be scheduled by contacting the Denver Multifamily Hub Development Supervisory Project Manager.

A minimum of a week in advance, the lender must submit information. It is outlined in Mortgagee letter ML 2010-21. Form HUD-92013 is to be completed to the extent possible. The template below is available to assist with the compilation of information, should the lender choose this option.

Once the information has been submitted, the Denver Multifamily Hub Development Supervisory Project Manager will schedule a meeting.  The information must be submitted to the Denver Multifamily Hub Development Supervisory Project Manager electronically (one copy) via pdf email and hard copy (one copy) to Department of Housing and Urban Development, 1670 Broadway, Denver, CO 80202-4801. 

The meeting can be held in person, via teleconference or a combination of both, based on your request.  An email response will be provided to you following the meeting, which will summarize the results of the concept meeting discussion.  

ML 2010-21
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