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Looking for Multifamily Financing?
Multifamily Hub - Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming

FHA Insured Loan Programs

Multifamily Apartment Financing Options

FHA Insures multifamily loans originated by FHA approved lenders for the construction, substantial rehabilitation, and acquisition and refinancing of apartments. To obtain a FHA-insured loan, a prospective borrower must use a Multifamily Accelerated Program (MAP) lender approved by the Office of Multifamily Development and the HUD-approved lender, in turn, must submit a mortgage insurance application to HUD. Find an active lender in the Rocky Mountain Area.

All applications for new construction and applicable refinancing proposals must participate in a Concept Meeting.

Special Needs

Capital Advance Programs for the Elderly & Special Needs Housing

HUD provides funding to develop rental housing that will serve as supportive housing for the very low-income elderly and individuals with disabilities and provides rent subsidies for the projects to help make them affordable.

Local Technical Information

Multifamily Hub

HUD FHA Multifamily Program Information

Denver MF Hub Loan Endorsements

Loan endorsements FY 2010:
5,962 Units $521,649,000 in Mortgage Insurance Loan endorsements FY2011:
10,959 Units $832,000,000 in Mortgage Insurance Loan endorsements FY 2012:
8024 Units $619,100,000 in Mortgage Insurance

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