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Public and Indian Housing Information Center Coach's Corner - 11/14/08
Public and Indian Housing Information Center Coach Diane Kiles

The Region VIII Public Housing Hub is pleased to announce we've added a "Public and Indian Housing Information Center Coach's Corner" to our NEW News-to-Use page to keep Public Housing partners better informed and up-to-date. Here you will find information about recent Public and Indian Housing Information Center Notices, publications, training opportunities, and other items of interest for our Public Housing partners. This page will be updated regularly so check back often to get the latest.

For our first issue, we want to provide some general information about the Public and Indian Housing Information Center monthly summarization process.

What is "Monthly Summarization"

Recently a Housing Authority asked us to define what HUD does when we run the monthly summarization. A brief description:

  • The Monthly summarization process "summarizes" the Form 50058 data submitted by the Housing Authorities (HA's) at different levels - participant level, development level, state level, county level, and for different program types Public Housing, Vouchers, Mod Rehab.
  • The Monthly Summarization extract is run the first Friday of the month and continues throughout the weekend. If something hangs we rerun that part of the summarization the next weekend.
  • The Monthly Summarization reports include information with regards to the previous month.
  • There are approximately 20 jobs run - which includes generation of the reports like Delinquency report, Resident Characteristics Report (RCR), SEMAP Indicators report, New Admissions report, Families Ending Participation, Reexamination, HQS Inspection, Newly Leased HQS Inspection, Income, Key Management Indicators (KMI) etc.
  • Data for some of these reports are extracted from other subsystems like VMS and HUDCAPS.

The SEMAP data extract is done monthly as part of the monthly reports summarization. The summarization starts, barring complications, at about 8 pm Eastern of the "First Friday" of the following month. Data received and processed before the First Friday cutoff will be included in the reports if its effective date falls within the report date range. To ensure the data is processed, it should be uploaded before the first Friday afternoon of each month. Any later is gambling.

Exceptions to first Friday are made when:

  1. the first Friday falls during a software release,
  2. the monthly summarization fails to run successfully, and/or
  3. other operational problems prevent the running of the summarization that weekend.

REMINDER....Update PHA Contact in Public and Indian Housing Information Center

Please take a few minutes to review the information in the HA Contacts in Public and Indian Housing Information Center to assure that the Executive Director and Board Chairperson information is correct, accurate and up to date. If you need to make changes to the information and do not know how to do it, let us know and we will provide you with guidance on how to delete or add contacts.

It is important that the HA Contact information for the Executive Director and the Board Chairperson are correct because this is the method HUD uses to communicate with these individuals.

Guidance for changes in HA Contacts.

Quick instructions on how to delete HA Contacts in Public and Indian Housing Information Center:

To DELETE the HA Contact:
In Public and Indian Housing Information Center, go to Housing inventory, click on Housing Authority;
Click on the HA Contact tab;
Click on the HA Contact to delete or modify;
Click on Modify Contact Details;
Click on the role;
In Effective End Date, Enter actual date (if known) or a date earlier than today's date.

Public and Indian Housing Information Center User Group

We have resumed meetings for the Denver metro area "Public and Indian Housing Information Center User Group". The first meeting was held on October 18, 2008. We will plan to meet quarterly. The next meeting will be held in January 2009, at the Denver HUD office, located at 1670 Broadway, 25th Floor, Denver, CO. Watch this page for more information.

We are also offering Public and Indian Housing Information Center training in our Denver office for your staff. The training is free of charge. Since we will train one-on-one, we can tailor the training to your staff's needs. The training can be a 1 or 2 day training, depending upon your requirements. Seating is limited to 12 per class.

Don't miss out on this opportunity. Training is available Monday through Thursday, depending upon availability of our Computer Training Room. If you are interested, please email Diane Kiles with a few dates that will work for your staff, along with the name and telephone number of a contact person.

This Message Applies Only to Public Housing - Not Section 8

We have been informed that HUD will resume the application of Public and Indian Housing Information Center Delinquency reporting sanctions for the Public Housing program beginning in November 2008 for the October 2008 Reporting Period. Public Housing agencies who do not meet the 95% Reporting requirement in Public and Indian Housing Information Center will be notified in November, and sanctions will be applied in December 2008. Please Refer to PIH Notice 2008-11 (HA). You can access this Notice.

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