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PAES Training and Guidance

The purpose of PAE Training and Guidance web page is to provide PAEs the perninent information and tools needed to do their assigned work. If you have any questions and/or are experiencing problems accessing any of the tools please e-mail us @OAHP.


The M2M Physical Condition Assessment model (zipped file), M2M PCA Statement of Work and Contractor Qualifications are designed to support HUD's Mark to Market Program restructurings.  These tools may also be used to support other programs and demonstrations, with various modifications to how they are implemented.

TPA Processing and Closing Docket Submission. OAHP recently completed research intoTPA processing practices (and its impact on submitting Closing Dockets). The research resulted in several improvements that OAHP believes will streamline the processing and improve delivery of the Closing Dockets. The zipped file contains the following documents: Memo describing improvements; revised Appendix D of the OPG; revised Chapter 8 of the OPG, Revised Modified TPA Approval Letter; New PAE Certification for Preliminary Full TPA Approval; and New PAE Certification for Final Full TPA Approval. (April 22, 2004) Appendix D: TPA Tools (zipped file) was updated on April 27, 2004, in coordination with the changes.

M2M Underwriting Models: Any new deals should be started using these revised models. At this stage, older deals should be on Standard revision 4.36 or IRP Bifurcation revision 4.46. Upgrading a 4.36 or 4.46 model is optional; however, an upgrade is strongly recommended for any model that is older than 4.36 or 4.46. Model revisions are indicated on the upper right corner of the StartInput worksheet. Also, Forms 7.4 (7.4 Claim Payment Checklist and 7.4a HUD-Held Restructuring Summary Checklist) have been automated and added to the model.

 -   M2M Underwriting Model rev 5.0 (Zipped PDF File) Revised 09/19/11
 -   M2M Underwriting Model rev 4.9 (Zipped PDF File) Revised 02/16/11
 -   M2M Underwriting Model rev 4.4 (Zipped PDF File) Revised 05/04/06
 -   M2M Underwriting Model rev 4.4 (with a user driven upgrade ability) (Zipped PDF File) Revised 05/04/06
 -   236 (IRP) Bifurcation M2M Underwriting Model rev 4.5 (Zipped PDF File) Revised 05/04/06
 -   Automated Form 7.4 Claim Payment Checklist and 7.4a HUD-Held Restructuring Summary Checklist NEW 5/4/2006
 -   M2M "Lite" Model (version 1_94) (Excel File) Revised 04/05/05


Green Commitments: The green commitment documents have been updated to remove references to plug-ins and other changes in the underwriting process due to the new underwriting model.  Documents should be used for all transactions that utilize the new model, older transactions that still have plug-ins, etc. should continue to use the existing documents. 

 -   GI Draft Green Guide  Attachment 10 - Owner's Green Commitments
 -   Green Initiative Use Agreement
 -   Green Operating and Maintenance Plan Template
 -   Green Initiative Restructuring Commitment


Form 7.19 M2M Official Term Sheet (February 4, 2003)

 -   MS Excel (Model Revision 4) Updated 5/6/2003
 -   MS Excel (Model Revision 4 - IRP Bifurcation) Updated 5/6/2003
 -   MS Excel (Model Revision 3)

Restructuring Commitment (RC) Automated Tool (Last Update: August 2012). PAEs may use this optional tool to produce an RC using Microsoft Word merge. The required files are in WinZip format below:

 -   Instructions (Zipped PDF File).
 -   Set of required documents
 -   AutoRC_GI_Oct2011.xlsm
 -   MergeDoc Oct2011.doc
 -   AutoRC_Instructions 07-01-2008.doc
 -   Item 37_GI Docs_Restr Commitment 10-11.docx

Firm Commitment (FC) Automated Tool (Updated: February 11, 2005). PAEs may use this optional tool to produce an FC. The most significant difference with the Automated Firm Commitment is that there are two different FC Transmittal forms: one for standard models and a second for Bifurcated IRP models. It is important to use the correct version of the Transmittal to ensure all appropriate data is transferred to the Firm Commitment.

 -   Instructions (Zipped PDF File).
 -   Set of required documents
 -   Instructions in Adobe pdf format
 -   FC Transmittals (FC Transmittal 7-16-04.xls and FC Transmittal IRP Bifurcation 7-16-04.xls) which incorporate information from the underwriting model with a additional tab of user input information
 -   Mail Merge document (Automated Firm commitment 07-16-04 Final.doc) which merges information from the FC Transmittal in to an FC shell to generate a completed Firm Commitment.
 -   Copy of the current Firm Commitment

OAHP review and approval of full transactions form (MS Word / PDF Format). The form is modified from the January 23, 2003 broadcast. Note on page 3 a listing of Special Deal Considerations.

Additional funds transactions. OAHP has developed an Additional Funds Transaction Highlights Memorandum (A/F Memo) to document the critical components of an Additional Funds transaction from initial submission through closing, and to ensure that all appropriate approvals and reviews are obtained along the way. Use of the A/F Memo will be mandatory on/after June 21, 2004. Please refer to the following tools and documents when completing an Additional Funds Transaction:


 -   The A/F Memo and accompanying templates (Timeline Exhibit Template and Rehab Exhibit - both in Microsoft Excel)
 -   Implementation Guidance Providing Detailed Instruction on Completing the A/F Memo (Microsoft Word)
 -   AFT workbook (MS Excel)

For additional information on Additional Funds Transactions please see Appendix R of the Operating Procedures Guide (OPG).


Underwriting Neighborhood Network Centers (January 19, 2006). Access to computers and the Internet, and the ability to use technology effectively are critical in today?s digital age. People who possess the tools and skills to compete in the global economy are at a distinct advantage over those who do not have them. What makes Neighborhood Networks so unique and effective is that technology access is made available onsite at the housing property. OAHP has created a memorandum which outlines how to underwrite a Neighborhood Networks Center as part of a Mark-to-Market (M2M) restructuring. The memorandum also describes the important coordination that is required between the owner, PAE, Multifamily Neighborhood Networks Coordinator and Multifamily Project Manager, both in underwriting and post closing.

Approval of the Public Interest Survey Peformance Incentive Fee (March 24, 2004). This memorandum outlines recent audits that revealed the need to strengthen the process for approval of the Public Interest Survey performance incentive fee. We have developed a PAE Certification to ensure the PAE is complying with all OPG requirements for tenant notices and meetings (including how comments are addressed in the Submission). We also took the opportunity to modify and add several forms related to the process. To access the forms go to the M2M Operating Procedures Guide.

PAE Responsibilities for Projects Refinanced with Bond Financing (April 10, 2003). This memorandum outlines in the PAE's responsibilities with respect to Bond Submission to OAHP's Bond Department for both Fulls and Lites. (PDF Format)

Clearing of payables at the Mark-to-Market (M2M) closing (February 6, 2003). This memorandum provides a more formal process for identifying, approving, and clearing payables prior to a M2M closing.

Multifamily Policy on Payables

M2M Operating Procedures Guide

OAHP's 401.600 Waiver Policy (January 28, 2003)

 -   Memo - Supplemental guidance on waivers under section 401.600
 -   Timely notice and Discontinued notice samples

OAHP environmental guidance and lead based paint web page

New submission requirements for lite and full transactions Memorandum (PDF Format) June 8, 2004

Owner and Purchaser Initiative Matrix, September 11, 2000

Additional invoicing payment process clarification memo, May 10, 2000 (PDF)

Government contract expense reimbursement travel voucher guide memo, May 4, 2000 (PDF)

Voucher payment process memo, February 22, 2000 (PDF)


U.S. Census Bureau Housing vacancies and home ownership

Case Studies: Rural study and Urban study



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