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Completed Ideas

HUD has programs and initiatives that cover a wide variety of policy areas.  As a result, many of the ideas that are submitted reflect current activities of which an idea submitter may not be aware.   Other ideas may be based upon misunderstandings of HUD’s roles and responsibilities.  In addition to finding great ideas for implementation, HUD Ideas in Action works as a communication tool to inform the public and HUD’s own employees.




Eliminate/redesign the ITAP (Individual Training Action Plan

There is a moratorium on the Individual Training Action Plan (ITAP) in FY 2011 while the OCHCO upgrades and migrates to an automated Individual Development Plan (IDP) tool. Once the automated system is up and running, the ITAP/IDP process will be paperless and streamlined.


Remove duplicate ARRA reporting

Most of the ARRA reporting is required by statute and allows HUD to track the results of ARRA funding. The HUD ARRA team and the Office of Strategic Planning and Management have worked and continue to work on streamlining and coordinating data requests, which will result in grantees receiving fewer and more effective data requests.


Change/eliminate the weekly FPM report

The FPM weekly reports were eliminated at the beginning of 2011. In place of the FPM weekly report, the FPM Director meets with the Regional Administrators once a month and conducts multiple conference calls with the field. If the Secretary or Deputy Secretary need a report from a specific field office or region this information now comes in the form of a HOT issues report.


It’s all about education!

Develop a comprehensive homeownership educational outreach program.

Current activity

Have Resident Services Coordinators in all HUD housing

RSC's once trained deliver about 5 times their annual salary in savings to the project, yearly.

Current activity

Raise the bar.

Educate and provide resources and to those placed in housing and give them time to be productive.

Current activity

Create a "PHA Locator" feature on the website that links PHAs to families' zip code

Make it easier for families to find HUD resources available to them through PHAs by allowing them to locate PHAs near them on our website.

Current activity

Streaming webcasts of fair housing training

HQ should present fair housing training on a webcast that all respondents/recipients could watch.

Current activity 

We need a HUDWiki

Have a central place to capture employee knowledge before retirement. 


The HECM program is difficult to impossible to find on the HUD website, make it obvious!

Make the HECM link more visible on