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Relocation Advisory Services

In addition to being required by law, relocation advisory services are the single most important part of a successful relocation program. Relocation advisory services are required to be provided to all eligible displaced persons including nonresidential displaced persons.

What are some key relocation advisory services requirements?

  • Determine the needs and preferences of displaced persons
  • Explain available relocation assistance
  • Explain a person's right to appeal if they are not satisfied with agency decisions
  • Offer and provide transportation to locate replacement housing
  • Offer other assistance (e.g. social services or financial referrals, housing inspection, etc.)
  • Provide current and ongoing listings of comparable dwellings for residential displacements and replacement sites for businesses
  • Supply information on other federal and state programs offering assistance
  • Provide counseling and other assistance to minimize hardship in adjusting to relocation
  • And other required and appropriate assistance

Where can you go to find more information about relocation advisory services?

You should consult 49 CFR 24.205 and Chapter 2 of HUD Handbook 1378 for more guidance.