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Temporary Relocation

Sometimes a project may require persons to be displaced from their dwellings for only a short period of time. Although temporarily displaced persons do not receive the same relocation assistance and payments as persons permanently displaced under the URA, they do have certain rights and protections.

What are the requirements for temporary relocation?

When necessary or appropriate, residential tenants who will not be required to move permanently may be required to relocate temporarily for the project. Temporary relocation should not extend beyond one year before the person is returned to his or her previous unit or location. Any residential tenant who has been temporarily relocated for more than one year must be offered all permanent relocation assistance which may not be reduced by the amount of any temporary relocation assistance previously provided.

All conditions of temporary relocation must be reasonable. At a minimum, the tenant shall be provided the following:

  • Reimbursement for all reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred in connection with the temporary relocation, including the cost of moving to and from the temporarily occupied housing and any increase in monthly rent or utility costs at such housing.
  • Appropriate advisory services, including reasonable advance written notice of the following:
    • Date and approximate duration of the temporary relocation;
    • Address of the suitable decent, safe, and sanitary dwelling to be made available for the temporary period;
    • Terms and conditions under which the tenant may lease and occupy a suitable decent, safe and sanitary dwelling in the building/complex upon completion of the project; and
    • Provisions of reimbursement for all reasonable out of pocket expenses incurred in connection with the temporary relocation as noted above.

Where can you go to find more information about these relocation requirements?

You should consult 49 CFR 24.2(a)(9)(ii)(D) and HUD Handbook 1378 for more guidance.