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Community Renewal Good Stories - New Haven

New Haven Successfully Markets EZ Tax Incentives
New Haven, Connecticut, EZ

Empower New Haven, which administers the New Haven EZ, has been fielding more questions from tax professionals, residents, and current and prospective business owners. The organization has earned this attention by making significant strides in the past 2 years in marketing and promoting EZ tax incentives.

Using methods ranging from brochures and newsletters to public access television programs, Empower New Haven has worked tirelessly to publicize the benefits of EZ tax incentives. The organization has also formed a partnership with local merchants, neighborhood business associations, and business groups to increase awareness among these communities. In one such effort, the organization invited more than 3,000 EZ businesses to attend a HUD tax incentive workshop. "Empower New Haven is very committed to helping our partner businesses become profitable, and we will continue to aggressively market these vital bottom-line benefits," said Empower New Haven President and CEO Althea Marshall.

As reported in Success Stories: Round II Empowerment Zones, Empower New Haven has also formed a business alliance with the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce (COC). EZ staff gave presentations and answered questions on EZ tax incentives at two COC board meetings, and the COC in turn featured the tax incentives in one of its weekly newspapers. Through its work with the COC, the EZ informed more employers about the benefits of locating in the EZ and hiring Zone residents.

These efforts are getting results. Thanks to Empower New Haven, the Medical Center Pharmacy Group, an organization with five pharmacies located in the EZ, learned that it could save $30,000 annually through the EZ wage credit alone.

For more information on the programs of the New Haven EZ, please contact Althea Marshall, President and CEO of Empower New Haven, at (203) 776-2777.