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RHED FY 2003 Funding Announcement



Grants totalling $24.6 million were awarded to the following grantees:

AL - Alabama
Applicant Award
Upper Sand Mt. Lager Parish $150,000
AR - Arkansas
Applicant Award
Arkansas Human Development Corporation $400,000
AZ - Arizona
Applicant Award
International Sonoran Desert Alliance $400,000
Arizona Department of Housing $400,000
Navajo Partnership for Housing $400,000
PPEP Microbusiness and Housing Development Corporation $400,000
Nogales Main Street Association $389,297
Arizona Mexico Border Health Foundation $150,000
CA - California
Applicant Award
I-5 Social Services Corporation $400,000
Fresno West Coalition for Economic Development $150,000
Westside Housing and Economic Network, Inc. $400,000
North Fork Community Development Council, Inc. $400,000
Tule River Economic Development Corporation $400,000
Walking Shield American Indian Society $400,000
CO - Colorado
Applicant Award
Region 9 Economic District of Southwest Colorado $148,925
FL - Florida
Applicant Award
Empowerment Alliance of Southwest Florida $147,728
GA - Georgia
Applicant Award
Housing Partners Inc. $150,000
Area Community to Improve Opportunities Now $  61,275
Georgia Legal Services Program, Inc. $150,000
Partnership Housing Affordable to Socity Everywhere $150,000
Crisp Area Habitat for Humanity $150,000
Southwest Georgia United Empowerment Zone $400,000
IA - Iowa
Applicant Award
Homeward, Inc. $400,000
IN - Indiana
Applicant Award
Area 12 Council on Aging and Community Services $150,000
KS - Kansas
Applicant Award
Homestead Affordable Housing, Inc. $400,000
KY - Kentucky
Applicant Award
HPCHDA, Inc. $400,000
Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation $400,000
Frontier Housing $400,000
People's Self-Help Housing $150,000
McCreary County Community Housing Development Corporation $150,000
LA - Louisiana
Applicant Award
Macon Ridge $202,400
ME - Maine
Applicant Award
Genesis Fund $  39,000
Sunrise County Economic Development Council $150,000
Four Directions Development Corporation $400,000
MN - Minnesota
Applicant Award
Midwest Minnesota Community Development Corporation $400,000
MS - Mississippi
Applicant Award
Mississippi Life Renewal Ministries $149,296
MT - Montana
Applicant Award
Chippewa Cree Housing Authority $400,000
Human Resources Development Council of District TX $150,000
The Heritage Capital Fund $399,848
NC - North Carolina
Applicant Award
Community Developers of Beaufort-Hyde, Inc. $397,796
Hollister REACH, Inc. $190,570
Lumbee Regional Development Association $379,328
NE - Nebraska
Applicant Award
Ho-Chunk Community Development Corporation $400,000
NM - New Mexico
Applicant Award
SER de New Mexico, Inc. $150,000
Tierra del Sol Housing Corporation $399,625
South Central Council of Governments $138,000
Mexicano Land and Education Conservation Trust $128,640
NY - New York
Applicant Award
The Community Unified Today $150,000
The Rural Opportunities $400,000
OH -Ohio
Applicant Award
Appalachian Center for Economic Networks $306,394
Adams Brown Counties Economic Opportunities $140,572
The Portage Area Development Corporation $400,000
OK - Oklahoma
Applicant Award
Little Dixie Community Action Agency $386,207
OR - Oregon
Applicant Award
Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw Indians $150,000
Options for Southern Oregon $108,625
Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla $150,000
PA - Pennsylvania
Applicant Award
Community First Fund $400,000
Community Action Center of Southwest $148,988
PR - Puerto Rico
Applicant Award
Ceiba Housing and Economic Development Corporation $397,900
SD - South Dakota
Applicant Award
Oti Kaga $400,000
Four Bands Community Fund $100,000
The Lakota Fund $150,000
The Oglala Sioux Lakota Housing $400,000
Oglala Sioux Tribe Partnership for Housing, Inc. $400,000
TN - Tennessee
Applicant Award
Buffalo Valley, Inc. $400,000
West Tennessee Legal Services $150,000
Douglas Cherokee Economic Authority $400,000
The Carey Counseling Center $400,000
TX - Texas
Applicant Award
Texas Rural Legal Aid $150,000
Community Development Corporation of Brownsville $400,000
Alianza para el Desarrollo Communitario $374,321
El Paso Empowerment Zone $400,000
Habitat for Humanity of Laredo $400,000
Amigos Del Valle $150,000
The Accion Texas $400,000
Oganizacion Progresiva del San Elizario $400,000
Center for Economic Development Opportunities $400,000
UT -Utah
Applicant Award
Rural Housing Development Corporation $150,000
VA - Virginia
Rural Housing and Economic Development Innovative Grant $399,659
WA - Washington
Snoqualmie Indian Tribe $140,000
Makah Housing Authority $150,000
Washington State Finance Community $387,872
WI - Wisconsin
Ho-Chunk Nation $126,626
Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin $150,000
Wisconsin Department of Commerce $400,000
WV - West Virginia
Preservation Alliance of West Virginia $150,000
Southern Appalachian Labor School $400,000

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