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Private sector organizations are important partners in rural community development efforts. For nonprofit housing and community development practitioners and public agencies interested in making connections with private sector resources, this page provides information on private sector organizations (e.g., foundations, corporations) that have shown an interest in funding rural housing, infrastructure, and economic development activities.

Private Sector Contacts


This religious order is a possible source of low-interest relatively short-term loans to support affordable housing projects.
Tel: (517) 266-3523

Mid-Atlantic regional bank working in some rural areas. Provide loans and small grants.
Tel: (302) 282-6318

Medium to small grants for housing in the mid-Atlantic.
Contact: Steve Fitzgerald
Tel: (410) 605-3096

Foundation arm of mutual fund company, mostly PRIs.
Manages PRIs for other housing funders.
Tel:(800) 248-0337

The CCDE is the community development lending and investment arm of Citibank/Citigroup, and may work with the Foundation above. CCDE provides both loans (such as construction loans and lines of credit) and investments (such as low-income housing tax credit and equity investments) in affordable housing developed by nonprofits. Areas where the bank works include CA, CT, FL, IL, the Mid-Atlantic, NJ, NY and SD.

Tel: (718) 248-4506

Under its program for "Building Communities and Entrepreneurs," this bank foundation makes grants to support community-led efforts to revitalize low-income neighborhoods in Citigroup communities worldwide. Support is to community development corporations, intermediary organizations and community development financial institutions that focus on affordable housing, economic development, welfare-to-work initiatives, community infrastructure improvements, and environmentally sustainable growth to local economies. Grants are also made to support community-based health and human services programs and disaster relief efforts. The Foundation will accept unsolicited proposals but notes that they may have limited funding chances.

Tel: (212) 559-9163

Foundation is a provider of grants, strong rural supporter, no rental focus, and program related investments for groups supporting low-income homeownership.
Tel: (212) 404-1822

Major funder of nonprofit housing. Strong interest in homeownership, grants, and PRIs.
Tel: (202) 274-8089

FAHE is a regional intermediary, CDFI, and technical assistance provider. They are an important source of capital for their local member housing nonprofits in Appalachia. Funding is only available for their members.
Tel: (859) 986-2321

Work in KS, CO, OK, NE. Make grants through member banks to nonprofits for specific projects in affordable housing and CIP program. Twice a year funding cycle.
Tel: (785) 233-0507

Foundation is very involved in a variety of low-income and Indian housing grants and projects. Some rural focus is included. Interested in homeownership.
Tel: (212) 573-4778

In its affordable housing priority, this corporate Foundation supports high-performing organizations that are successfully constructing, rehabilitating and/or preserving quality affordable housing for low- to moderate-income families. The focus is on home ownership.
The Foundation considers requests for both operating and programmatic support. Particular consideration is given to requests that impact more than one of the Foundation's initiatives and promote community volunteerism. (Other initiatives include at-risk youth, environment, and disaster preparedness.)
Tel: (770) 384-3889, 1-866-593-7019

Possible housing activity in Hobbs, NM. his funder is exploring ways to support better housing in the Hobbs and nearby areas.
Tel: (505) 393-6338

A large national foundation, MacArthur is one the few funders interested in rental preservation. They make grants and loans to support urban and rural preservation work.
Tel: (312) 920-6240

This bank, separate from its foundation, makes local grants to support community development programs. Applications are to the local bank level. The priorities are to help provide affordable housing for low and moderate-income individuals; promote economic development by financing small businesses or small farms; provide job training programs for low and moderate-income individuals; and help to revitalize or stabilize low and moderate-income communities. Other priorities are for education and social service. The main Wells Fargo web site has links to each state's application requirements.

Wells Fargo Housing Foundation (WFHF) makes grants to increase low-income homeownership through the development of affordable housing, and to provide shelter and supportive services for the homeless and disabled adults. Established 501c3 non-profit housing organizations (with at least two complete audit cycles) meeting these needs in communities where Wells Fargo provides products and services may apply. The Foundation will support both construction/reahab and home improvement for low-income homeowners. Funding cycle deadlines are Feb. 1, May 1 and August 1.

Tel: (612) 667-2146

Foundation supports housing nonprofits especially in high-need regions and areas. Provides grants but not loans.
Tel: (415) 543-0400

Nonprofit Resource Links

Alliance for Healthy Homes

The Alliance for Healthy Homes works to protect children from lead and other home environmental health hazards. A national, non-profit public interest organization, the Alliance advocates for policy solutions and builds the capacity of communities to prevent in-home hazards from harming the health of children, their families, and all residents.

Board Cafe
Board Cafe is an electronic newsletter exclusively for members of nonprofit boards of directors. Short enough to read over a cup of coffee, the Board Cafe© offers a menu of ideas, opinion, news, and resources to help board members give and get the most out of board service. Co-published by CompassPoint Nonprofit Services and the National Center for Nonprofit Boards.

BoardSource, formerly the National Center for Nonprofit Boards, is the premier resource for practical information, tools and best practices, training, and leadership development for board members of nonprofit organizations worldwide. Through our highly acclaimed programs and services, BoardSource enables organizations to fulfill their missions by helping build strong and effective nonprofit boards.

Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership (The)
A newly formed resource center with lots of good information for starting, running and funding an organization.

Chronicle of Philanthropy (The)
The Chronicle bills itself as "the newspaper for the nonprofit world." Their website includes a list of links to Internet resources for nonprofit organizations, job openings, and products and services provided by companies that serve the nonprofit world. Information given covers: gifts, grants, and good works; fund raising; management; and technology. Access to some of this site requires a paid subscription to the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Enterprise Foundation (The)
Enterprise's website includes a Community Development Library which features a series of manuals and CD-ROMs covering five areas of concern to nonprofits: governance, communications, program operations, fund raising, and money management.

Foundation Center (The)
At this website, the Foundation Center has gathered a collection of annotated links to some of the best technology-related resources for nonprofits on the Web. Website covers a wide variety of topics.

Free Management Library (The)
A free community resource to be shared and contributed to by users and readers across the world...the library provides leaders and managers (especially those with very limited resources) basic and practical information about business, management and organizations. Use this link to access a free management development program. From Handsnet: One of the world's largest collections of free, online materials for the nonprofit management community.

GuideStar and Philanthropic Research, Inc.
GuideStar's mission is to revolutionize philanthropy and nonprofit practice with information, with the belief that society benefits from a more efficient, generous, and well-targeted allocation of resources to the nonprofit sector.
Not only does this website provide job listings, it also allows nonprofits to list events, volunteer opportunities, and internships.

Internet Nonprofit Center
Presenting information about cybernetworking for nonprofits, The Internet Nonprofit Center is a project of The Evergreen State Society, of Seattle, Washington. It offers information for and about nonprofit organizations in the United States. Their website features a library, a Frequently Asked Questions page, an online newsletter and updated bulletins.

The link to Nonprofit Organizations leads to 16 topics and much information, including Board Development, Community Development, Human Resources, Religious Nonprofits and Volunteers.

KnowledgePlex® fosters collaboration within the affordable housing and community development field by linking researchers, advocates, practitioners and policy makers in a virtual meeting place. It includes current housing news and hot topics, an excellent user-friendly search tool, and a thorough knowledge library.

Nonprofit Quarterly (The)
The Nonprofit Quarterly is a management magazine for nonprofit leaders and managers. It provides analysis of themes such as governance, fundraising, philanthropy, evaluation, technology, and financial management. A monthly electronic newsletter is also available free at NPQ's website. Also available on NPQ's site is the Executive Directors Guide, a manual including step-by-step instructions, case studies and tips on nonprofit management issues. See also the Executive Directors Guide.

Public/Private Ventures
National nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the effectiveness of social policies, programs and community initiatives, especially as they affect youth and young adults. In carrying out this mission, P/PV works with philanthropies, the public and business sectors, and nonprofit organizations.

The leading resource center for all issues related to nonprofit technology. They also offer steep discounts on software for nonprofits, sometimes up to 90% off the list price.

Wilder Foundation (The)
Search their database for information on nonprofit management, etc., including publications.

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