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IDIS Online Reports User Guide
(Version 11.8 - Updated May 2014)

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  Cover - Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Accessing the IDIS Online Application
Chapter 3 Running Reports
Chapter 4 IDIS Online Reports Interface
Chapter 5 Customizing Your Reports
Chapter 6 Saving a Report
Chapter 7 Exporting a Report to Excel and/or PDF (HOPWA)-Funded Activities
Chapter 8 Logging Out
Chapter 9 Resolving Problems Trying to Run IDIS Reports
Chapter 10 IDIS Reports
IDIS Reports PR01 - PR10
IDIS Reports PR11 - PR20
IDIS Reports PR21 - PR30
IDIS Reports PR31 - PR40
IDIS Reports PR41 - PR50
IDIS Reports PR51 - PR60
IDIS Reports PR61 - PR65
IDIS Reports PR77 - PR80
IDIS Reports PR81 - PR90
IDIS Reports PR91 - PR95
APPENDIX List of IDIS Online Reports