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Central Contractor Registration (CCR) System

The Central Contractor Registration (CCR) system is a highly secure, single repository of vendor data used governmentwide. Vendor registration provides common data in one central location via a simple web application accessed by a browser. You only need to register once. You control the accuracy of your business information and it will be accessible to all Federal agencies with which you do business. You have access to update your information whenever necessary. Annual renewal is required to remain active.

HUD will use your CCR registration data for payment and contract formation purposes. CCR registration will include your electronic funds transfer (EFT) data and will expedite your contract payments.

The preferred method for completing a registration is via the World Wide Web at A CCR Handbook is available at this site to assist you with your registration. It provides detailed instructions on data you will need prior to beginning on-line registration, as well as steps to walk you through the registration process.