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  Shared Opportunity in Every Community

  How HUD is working to expand opportunity for allchildren playing together at park.

America’s fundamental ideal that hard work and determination will open the doors to opportunity has been unevenly realized because access to opportunity is not available to all. Despite progress and a landscape of communities that have been transformed in the more than 40 years since the Fair Housing Act was enacted, the ZIP code in which a child grows up all too often remains a strong predictor of that child’s life course. 

That’s why HUD developed a new fair housing planning process that promotes housing choice and fosters inclusive communities free from housing discrimination. This new process is based on the language from “affirmatively furthering fair housing,” or AFFH, which is part of the Fair Housing Act of 1968. Through the AFFH rule, HUD is advancing efforts to break down barriers to opportunity in communities supported by HUD funds.