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People with Disabilities

I Receive HUD Financial Assistance. What Are My Obligations under Section 504?

If you receive HUD financial assistance, your programs cannot discriminate against persons with disabilities. You must allow persons with disabilities to participate fully in your programs. This may require you to modify your policies, practices and services so that persons with disabilities may participate in your programs and benefit from your services. Recipients of HUD financial assistance must take all steps necessary to ensure that their programs, services and activities comply with Section 504 to the maximum extent possible. However, a recipient is not required to take steps that it can demonstrate will cause an undue financial and administrative burden or change the fundamental nature of the program.

The regulations define "recipient" as any State or its political subdivision, any instrumentality of a State or its political subdivision, any public or private agency, institution, organization, or other entity, or any person to which Federal financial assistance is extended for any program or activity directly or through another recipient, including any successor, assignee, or transferee of a recipient, but excluding the ultimate beneficiary of the assistance. An entity or person receiving housing assistance payments from a recipient on behalf of eligible families under a housing assistance payments program or a voucher program is not a recipient or sub-recipient merely by virtue of receipt of such payments (24 CFR 8.3).