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Fair Housing Act Enforcement Activity

HUD investigates complaints of housing discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, or familial status. At no cost to you, HUD will investigate the complaint and try to conciliate the matter with both parties.

If conciliation fails, HUD will determine whether "reasonable cause" exists to believe that a discriminatory housing practice has taken place. If HUD finds "no reasonable cause," we will dismiss the complaint.

If HUD finds reasonable cause, HUD will issue a charge of discrimination and schedule a hearing before a HUD administrative law judge (ALJ). Either party may elect to proceed in federal court. In that case, the Department of Justice will pursue the case on behalf of the complainant. The decisions of the ALJ and the federal district court are subject to review by the U.S. Court of Appeals.

HUD Charges 2011
Basis of Discrimination

WARNING: The attached documents may contain graphic and explicit language that may be offensive to some readers.

Case Name

Case Number

Date Charge Issued

Basis of Charge

HUD v. Robert Gerow and Gladys Davis

Read the Charge
Read the Press Release

01-11-0029-8 05-24-11 Familial Status

HUD v. Castle Management etal

Read the Charge
Read the Press Release

09-07-1380-8 05-03-11 Familial Status

HUD and Housing Opportunities Made Equal v. William A. Moore, Jr., Cincinnati Capital Partners LXXIII, LLC, and Paula Wisham

Read the Charge

Press Release


05-10-0849-8 07-19-11 Race

HUD v. McCoy

Read the Charge

03-22-11 Race
HUD v. James Norton and Julia Norton

Read the Charge

Read the Press Release

05-10-0121-8 07-12-11 Familial Status

HUD v. Jacqueline Berlinger, Linda Thornberg & Diane Hunsaker

Read the Charge

01-10-0167-8 03-08-11 Familial Status, Race, National Origin

HUD v. Warner Willis

Read the Charge

03-10-0201-8 02-18-11 Sex, Familial Status, Color

HUD V. Anchorage Lane Owners, Inc. and Total Community Management Corp.

Read the Charge

Read the Press Release

02-10-0481-8 02-11-11 Disability

HUD v. Theresa O. Mercker

Read the Charge 

04-07-0030-8 06-27-11 Familial Status

HUD v. Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp., Kelly Kane, and Elgina Cunningham

Read the Charge | Read the Press Release

03-10-0530-8 05-31-11 Familial Status, Sex

HUD on behalf of the National Fair Housing Alliance v. David Johnson

Read the Charge

09-09-0082-8> 02-25-11 Familial Status

HUD v. James D. Pavolini and Olive D. Pavolini

Read the Charge

04-10-0139-8 12-08-10

Familial Status

HUD v. Penny Pincher, Inc., and Willie Kay Yates

Read the Charge




10-06-10 Familial Status