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Dallas Housing Authority
Dallas, Texas

The Dallas Housing Authority (DHA) has consistently submitted fully documented Section 3 Summary Reports that provide a comprehensive review of all Section 3 employment, training and contracting that occurred during the previous fiscal year. For Fiscal Year 2005, a total of 15 HUD 60002 forms were submitted. These reports covered 56 HUD awarded contracts.

[Photo: Dallas Housing Authority construction project with Section 3 residents.]
Right & below: Hope VI residents take part in landscaping and installing playgrounds at a Dallas Housing Authority at a new property in South Dallas called Mill City.

[Photo: Dallas Housing Authority construction project with Section 3 residents.]

DHA greatly exceeded the Section 3 construction contracting goal of 10 percent and the non-construction contracting goal of 3 percent. During FY 2005, a nearly $25 million in Section 3 covered contracts were awarded. A total of $14.8 million or 73.4 percent was awarded to Section 3 business concerns. For construction related contracted, DHA further exceeded the goal. A total of $4.4 million in construction related contracts was awarded to Section 3 business concerns, an astounding 90.8 percent of all construction contracts awarded.

Section 3 residents hired by DHA occupied a diverse set of positions in the following categories: professional, office, technical, various trades and part-time staff. Additionally, DHA created an apprenticeship program for Section 3 residents, further expanding potential employment opportunities. DHA reported a total of 601 economic opportunities provided to Section 3 residents through employment and training. Approximately 150 residents received job related training or were enrolled in the DHA Apprenticeship Program. Another 320 residents were employed directly by DHA or through DHA's contractor base while nearly 130 were employed through the DHA's Resident Employment Training Center.

For more information contact
Joyce White, Vice President, Dallas Housing Authority.