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Mortgagee Review Board Cases
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Case Name

Docket Number

Date of Decision

1. Accent Mortgage Services, Inc. HUDALJ 06-010-MR 11/28/05
2. Allied Financial Services, Inc. HUDALJ 00-1344-MR
3. Aspen Home Loans, L.C. HUDALJ 07-49-MR 08/07/07
4. Associate Trust Financial Services HUDALJ 96-019-MR
5. Assurety Mortgage Group, Inc. (default) HUDALJ 00-1066-MR 04/11/01
6. Barton Funding Company, Inc. HUDALJ 94-002-MR 07/31/95
7. Best Home Loan, Inc. HUDALJ 10-M-060-MR-33 1/18/2011
8. Capitol Funding Mortgage Corporation (summary judjment) HUDALJ 04-061-MR
HUDALJ 04-156-MR
9. DSV Mortgage Inc., D/B/A Great American Mortgage HUDALJ 92-341-MR 01/25/93
10. First Federal Mortgage of America, Inc. HUDALJ 91-258-MR 09/04/92
11. First Federal Mortgage of America, Inc. HUDALJ 90-134-MR 02/08/91
12. First Security Mortgage Company HUDALJ 90-134-MR 08/24/90
13. First Source Financial USA, Inc. (default) HUDALJ 07-028-MR 10/12/07
14. Flagship Mortgage Services. Inc HUDALJ 90-154-MR 01/16/91
15. G & R Financial Group, Inc. HUDALJ 95-004-MR 03/01/95
16. Major Mortgage Corporation (default) HUDALJ 06-001-MR 02/01/06
17. Mission Mortgage Corporation HUDALJ 08-018-MR 01/24/08
18. Puller Mortgage Associates, Inc. HUDLAJ 89-112-MR 10/17/90
19. RT Funding Group (motion to dismiss) HUDALJ 10-M-079-MR 08/12/10
20. R & G Mortgage Corporation HUDALJ 07-052-MR 11/30/07
21. Security National Service Corporation HUDALJ 90-128-MR 03/19/90
22. South Texas Motrgage Corporation HUDALJ 04-003-MR 09/03/04
23. Stellar Mortgage Comapany, Inc. HUDALJ 04-061-MR 08/20/04
24. United Lending Partners, L.P.(Default) HUDALJ 06-002-MR 03/23/06