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Billing Layout

Billing report file provides the lenders with the amount of premium, late charges and interest that is owed on each case serviced by the lender. The file is generated at billing, so all information is current as of the billing period. The file is available by the 17th day of the month and remains available on the FHA Connection for three months after it is produced.

Field Name Length Type Start Position Picture Description
Mortgagee ID Alphanumeric  X(5)  Lender on record in HUD's Single Family Monthly Premium Collection System - Periodic (SFPCS-P) as servicing the case when the report file was created. First five digits of the FHA's unique 10-digit identifier assigned to the servicing lender.
FHA Case Number  10  Alphanumeric  X(10)  Unique 10-digit identifier assigned to the FHA loan by HUD. The first two positions identify the state where the property is located, the third position identifies the HUD Field Office territory in which the property is located, the next six positions identify the serial number, and the final position is the check digit.
Billing Period  Alphanumeric  16  YYYYMM  Month and year that the bill is generated.
Current Premium Amount  Numeric  22  9(5)V99 Premium generated for the current billing period.
Premium Billed  Numeric  29  9(5)V99  The amount of premium included on the bill. This is the sum of the Current Premium Amount plus any premiums, billed in previous months, which has not yet been paid.
Interest Billed  Numeric  36  9(5)V99  The amount of interest included on the bill. This will include any interest, billed in previous months, which has not yet been paid.
Late Billed  Numeric  43  9(5)V99  The amount of late charges included on the bill. This will include any late charges, billed in previous months, which has not yet been paid.
Unapplied Funds  Numeric  50  9(5)V99  Overpayment amount as of the date the Billing file was created. This field will only be valued if the case is overpaid. If this field is valued, the Premium Billed, Interest Billed and Late Billed fields will be zero. (When billing is run, the system applies any unapplied funds to the amount due. Therefore, if a lender's monthly premium is $10, but they had $14 in unapplied funds, the bill will show $0 billed and $4 unapplied).
Loan # (Current)
MIN # (Future)
18  Alphanumeric  57  X(18)  Identifier for the mortgage.

Loan Number: Number assigned to the mortgage loan by the lender. Note: This number must be sent monthly with the monthly premium payment for the case in order for it to be displayed here.

MIN: Mortgage identification number (future use).

Total Record Length: 74

For the Alternate Report Retrieval process (secure file transfer process), see also Header and Trailer Records.