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APPS Industry Tutorial

Different operating systems and different browsers have slightly different steps and methods to download files and then install them. The end user must be familiar with the system he is using because the steps and terms may vary from the generalized steps below. HUD currently uses the Windows XP operating system and the Internet Explorer 6.0 Internet Browser and can not provide assistance for all the different operating systems and browsers that can be used with this downloadable software.

Install the APPS Industry Tutorial software by downloading (saving) the executable file to your Desktop or a temporary directory on your hard drive. If after downloading you get a pop-up window saying Open, you may click on that to install the software. Otherwise you must access your Desktop or the directory you downloaded the file to and click on the downloaded self-extracting executable file, named appstutorial-ind.exe. For example, right click on the Start button in Windows, then left click on Explore to call up Windows Explorer. Navigate to the Directory where you downloaded the file and click on appstutorial-ind.exe.

Click on the Unzip button in the WinZip pop-up window. After successful installation a message will state, "54 file(s) unzipped successfully." The files will automatically create and extract to a directory called appstutorial on your c: drive. Click on the Close button in the WinZip pop-up window.

If using Windows XP, the installation process of unzipping the files will automatically place an "APPS Industry Tutorial" icon on your Desktop screen. Simply access your PC's Desktop and double click on the APPS Industry Tutorial icon to start the program. Another icon is placed with "All Programs" on your Start menu.

If you are not using Windows XP, or the icons are not available, you will have to go to the C:\appstutorial directory to start the program. The easiest way to do this is to use your Internet browser. Click on "File" then "Open" and browse to or manually enter the directory and file name: C:\appstutorial\ind-index.html to start the tutorial program.

On NON-XP systems, like Windows 98, the installation will still create the directory structure C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop etc.
The two APPS Industry Tutorial icons mentioned above can be found as the only files in that directory structure. You can move them somewhere more convenient for you to access.

Please email program manager Devasia Karimpanal for more information.