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Download the Multifamily Assistance and Section 8 Contracts Database
The information regarding the Multifamily Assistance and Section 8 contracts, and properties is being furnished for the convenience of interested parties. The information has been compiled from multiple data sources within FHA or its contractors. This information does not purport to be complete or all inclusive. No representation or warranty, express or implied, as to any of the information contained in these files is made by HUD, FHA or any of their respective contractors, representatives or agents, or any officer, Director, employee, or any of the above. Please read all of the instructions before using the Download utility.

The Multifamily Assistance and Section 8 Contracts database is a replacement of the previously named Section 8 Expiring database. The contents and the structure of the file have been enhanced, so please also review the Data Element Dictionary (DED).

Based on numerous requests for this data we plan on updating the contents of this file monthly. Please read the INSTRUCTIONS.


File Format

File Size

(as of 2/27/2017)

Microsoft Access 2002 - 2003, * for Windows XP, database (within a MS Windows XP * self- extracting ** compressed file.)

7.98 MB

Data  Element Dictionary (DED)

Portable Document Format (PDF) file.

39 Kb

Multifamily Housing Geocoded Data
File File Format File Size

(as of 02/02/2012)

Microsoft Access 2002 - 2003, * for Windows XP, database (within a MS Windows XP * self- extracting ** compressed file.)
5.74 Mb
Using Multifamily Housing  Geocoded Data Portable Document Format (PDF) file.
60.8 Kb
Geo Data Element Dictionary Portable Document Format (PDF) file.
31.8 Kb

*You must have the referenced commercial software in order to use the download. HUD does not provide the commercial software.
** This downloadable file is self-extracting within MS Windows XP, simply click on it, select " Run," then "Browse" then select the location to store the file and select "Unzip." Next, open the commrcial software, Microsoft Access, select "Open" and path to where you stored the file.

This database was created to provide HUD partners/clients with a way of measuring the potential impact of expiring project-based subsidy contracts in their communities. It represents the most comprehensive picture of project-based subsidies yet developed, but like any "snap-shot", its usefulness has limits, although, Multifamily plans to refresh this data on a monthly basis. Below, we give a summary of what to keep in mind when viewing the information:

1. Download of the Assistance and Section 8 Contracts - This compressed, (self extracting) file is offered in Microsoft Access 2007 for Windows XP. It is important to note that this is a very large file and the speed for completing the download of the file is dependent on the bandwidth of your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the speed of your connection to the internet. The database contains two tables, one on the contract level, the other on the property level. To see property level data you must link these two tables by the property id field.

2. Contract Expiration Data and Units - Please keep in mind that you will often find more than one contract will share the same property information. The field "assisted_units_count" , in the contract level table counts the number of units funded in that unique contract; the term "property_total_unit_count" shows how many units are in the entire property. A project with 100 units and two 50-units Section 8 contracts would have two records in the contract table and one record in the property table.

3. Rent/Fair Market Rents - For each contract, we display the overall average ratio of gross contract rents to FMR taking into account the number of units and FMR for each bedroom size. Please note that this ratio is a guide only. In addition, since FMRs are determined by county and metro area, errors in project address data may lead to incorrect FMR benchmarks. Lastly, project rents change frequently and are therefore more subject to error. In creating this database, HUD staff processed over 24,000 address records and over 70,000 rent records. While considerable effort was made to assure the accuracy of the data used, absolute certainty is impossible.

4. HUD-Held and HUD-Owned Status - The classification of projects as "HUD-Held" or "HUD-Owned" is based solely on status codes in HUD's accounting systems and has not been independently verified. For the most current status of a particular insured mortgage, contact the local HUD Field Office.