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Mark to Market (M2M) Reports

The following status reports are relative to the projects participating in the Mark-to-Market (M2M) program, an innovative program to reduce rents to market levels and will restructure existing debt to levels supportable by these rents.  The M2M program is managed by the Office of Recapitalization (Recap). The reports are updated bi-monthly.  For questions or trouble accessing the reports contact Recap's Systems Support Manager.

Status Reports

  • The M2M Status Report provides the total counts of all M2M properties including a comparison of the current counts versus the counts from the previous quarter timespan. (PDF / Excel)
  • The Participating Administrative Entity (PAE) and Assigned Property Status Report provides the progress of each M2M property by PAE. (PDF /  Excel)
  • The M2M Transactions Report provides a list of all the properties in the Mark-to-Market portfolio, it's ownership information and the last milestone of the property's program in the program. (PDF / Excel)
  • The Housing Assistant Payment (HAP) Extension Report lists the M2M properties that have been approved for an extension on the Section 8 contract beyond one year. HAP Extension are granted where: 1. There has been a delay in assigning the property to a PAE, or when a property has been reassigned to another PAE; AND/OR 2. The assigned property encountered delays in the restructuring processing on the part of the PAE, OAHP, or another HUD office, and through no fault of the owner; AND/OR 3. The HUD Field Office and OAHP agree that a reduction of rents to market would adversely affect a restructuring plan for the property; AND 4. The owner continues to demonstrate good faith and is fully cooperating in the M2M rent or debt restructuring process. For more information on HAP extension see the M2M Waiver Policy.  For a list of past waivers contact Recap's Systems Support Manager 

Compliance Reports

Final Report on Compliance Audits and Agreed-Upon Procedures Reviews of Participating Administrative Entities is now available in Adobe PDF and MS-Word format.

Mark to Market (M2M) Reports