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Annual Recertification
Each FHA-approved lender must complete FHA’s recertification process on an annual basis in order to retain its FHA approval.

Lenders must submit a complete recertification package to FHA within 90 Days after the lender’s fiscal year end.  The following items must be submitted as part of the lender’s recertification package:

  • Online certification
  • Recertification fee
  • Financial data

Lenders must utilize the Lender Electronic Assessment Portal (LEAP) to submit these items.  A LEAP User Manual is available for step-by-step instructions on how to execute recertification and other lender functions using LEAP.  For additional information on LEAP and recertification resources, please visit our LEAP Information web page.  On August 1, 2016, FHA implemented revised certification statements.  The changes will be applied starting with lenders with Fiscal Year End July 2016.  The following documents describe changes and a comparison of the previous versions to the current versions by mortgagee type.

A lender that does not wish to retain its FHA approval must submit a request for voluntary withdrawal of FHA approval.

Steps to Recertify:

  1. Complete the annual certification and remit the annual recertification fee in LEAP;
  2. Check to confirm that the fee has been settled;
  3. Submit financial statements in LEAP, along with the Audit Related Questions if applicable; and
  4. Return to LEAP on subsequent days to confirm the financial statements have been accepted.

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