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Conversion Guidebook


The purpose of this guidebook is to advise public housing agencies (PHAs) and other organizations providing services to PHAs, regarding the administrative and program requirements of required and voluntary conversions under Sections 33 and 22 of the U.S. Housing Act of 1937 (Act). This guide summarizes the responsibilities and requirements that PHAs must comply with to convert their public housing stock to tenant-based assistance under Section 8 of the Act. This guide is intended to assist PHAs in assessing the future viability of their public housing stock and in planning appropriate actions for the use of that stock. This guide includes an historical overview of the conversion programs and provides detailed program requirements on both the required and voluntary conversion programs. This guide is not a substitute for the Act or HUD's rules governing conversions. It is a practical guide to assist PHAs in their ultimate utilization of the conversion programs.



 -   Conversion Guidebook

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 -   Table of Contents
 -   Chapter 1: Introduction & Overview
 -   Chapter 2: Required Conversion (Section 33)
 -   Chapter 3: Voluntary Conversion (Chapter 22)
 -   Appendix 1: Summary of Conversion Requirements
 -   Appendix 2: Definition of Terms
 -   Appendix 3: Required Conversion Process Overview
 -   Appendix 4: Voluntary Conversion Process Overview
 -   Appendix 5: Conversion (Reconfiguration) of Unit
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