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The Southern Plains Office of Native American Program (SPONAP) works diligently to assist all of our clients. We pride ourselves in the positive relationship we have with the Tribes, Tribally Designated Housing Entities (TDHE) and the regional associations, such as the Southern Plains Indian Housing Association. It is an honor to work with a committed group of professionals with a wide diversity in backgrounds.

SPONAP currently has 21 employees who are committed to the mission of HUD and are here to assist you. Our office is comprised of three major components: the Grants Evaluation Division that works with the Audits, Annual Performance Report, Self-Monitoring guidelines, technical assistance and client monitoring; the Grants Management Division provides technical assistance related to NAHASDA Indian Housing Block Grant implementation, the Indian Housing Plan and Indian Community Development Block Grant implementation; and the office of the Administrator that works with the Section 184 loan program, Title VI, Green Development Initiatives and special program and reporting. Each Tribe/TDHE has a group of specialists including Grants Evaluation Specialists and Grants Management Specialists who are here to assist.

Our goal is to continue to develop and strengthen our relationships with the Tribes and TDHE's we serve. We want to see all Native Americans prospering, gaining self-sufficiency and a part of the American Dream of homeownership. We want to see our Native communities growing and flourishing by providing funding for quality facilities to enhance the well being of the Tribal members they serve or the planning and implementation of economic development endeavors to create more employment for their Tribal members.

It's our honor to serve and support you with the tasks ahead.

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