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Administrative Fees - 2010


The file following this narrative provides the CY 2010 administrative fees for the Housing Choice Voucher Program. For CY 2010, in accordance with the Appropriations Act, administrative fees will be paid on the basis of units leased as of the first day of each month; this data will be extracted from the Voucher Management System at the close of each reporting cycle.

Two fee rates are provided for each housing authority (HA). The first rate, Column A, applies to the first 7200 unit months leased in CY 2010. The second rate, Column B, applies to all remaining unit months leased in CY 2010. In prior years, a Column C was also provided, which applied to all unit months leased in units owned by the HA. For CY 2010 there are no Column C admin fee rates. Fees for leasing HA-owned units will be earned in the same manner and at the same Column A and Column B rates as for all other leasing.

The fee rates for each HA are those rates covering the areas in which each HA has the greatest proportion of its participants, based on PIC data. In some cases, HAs have participants in more than one fee area. If an HA so chooses, the HA may request that the Department establish a blended fee rate schedule that will consider proportionately all areas in which participants are located. Once a blended rate schedule is calculated, it will be used to determine the HA's fee eligibility for all quarters of CY 2010. An HA that received a blended fee rate schedule for 2009 will not receive it automatically for 2010; it must be requested. Requests for blended fee rates must be submitted to the Financial Management Division at HUD Headquarters and must be received by February 26, 2010.

The Department is presently disbursing administrative fee funds monthly to each HA; these disbursements are based on the most recent leasing data available. HAs should not assume that the fees actually earned will match the funds being disbursed. The Department will calculate each HA's fee eligibility after the VMS data for each month is available. The funds available each month will be one-twelfth of the annual appropriation for 2010. Each HA's eligibility will be pro-rated if needed to ensure that fees granted do not exceed the appropriated funds available. If pro-rations are necessary, the same percentage will be applied to all HAs.

HAs should use these fee rates to determine billing amounts for portability activities. To avoid the need to repeatedly change billing amounts due to pro-rations, HAs may use the pro-rated Column B fee rate from January to calculate portability fees for every month in the year.

These fees also apply to the Moderate Rehabilitation program and the 5 Year Mainstream program.

 -   CY 2010 HCV Administrative Fees (MS-Excel)
CY 2010 HCV Administrative Fees