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Strengthening & Empowering Families
Triple A Minor League baseball game
HUD Photo
Family fun at the Iron Pigs, Triple A Minor League baseball game, courtesy of Bethlehem Housing Authority
Participant builds skills and has fun
HUD Photo
Participant builds skills and has fun, courtesy of St. Petersburg Housing Authority
Kids learn about fire safety
HUD Photo
Kids learn about fire safety, courtesy of Covington, KY Housing Authority
Father and son time
HUD Photo
Father and son time, courtesy of Nevada Housing Authority
Family togetherness
HUD Photo
Family togetherness, courtesy of Ft. Myers Housing Authority
Lindsay Reams, Acting DAS for the Office of Field Operations visits Father's Day event
HUD Photo
Lindsey Reames, Acting DAS for the Office of Field Operations visits Father's Day event, courtesy Northwest Georgia Housing Authority

HUD National Father's Day

Past Father’s Day Events Prove Successful!

The U.S. Department of HUD recognizes the importance of both fathers and mothers, but this initiative gives special attention to the growing trend and negative impact of absent fathers. To all the children and youth who wished that their father was in the audience to see them perform as a tree in the kindergarten school play or watch them or play an instrument with their school band, these Father’s Day events are for you. To all the children who were saddened because their father was not in the stands to cheer them on while they played their best game or whether they just won the school Spelling Bee or received an award for school excellence, these events are for you. And for all the dads who simply wanted to sit across the dinner table and offer a smile of encouragement to their child, our efforts to bring you together in a safe and supportive environment are dedicated to you.

Past Father's Day
Dallas | 2011
Past Father's Day 2012
Jackson County | 2012
Past Father's Day 2013
Fort Worth | 2013
Past Father's Day 2014
St. Petersburg | 2014
Past Father's Day 2015
Virgin Islands | 2015
Past Father's Day 2015
Thomaston | 2016

Why is HUD Focusing on Fatherhood?

father's day In line with HUD’s 2010-2015 Strategic Plan Goal 3: “using housing as a platform to improve the quality of life of our residents,” this focus on fatherhood in public housing flows from current statistics that show when fathers are absent children suffer. This in no way suggests that HUD does not recognize the critical importance of mothers. The majority of public housing households with children are headed by single women who earn less than $9,000 annually, and they do a tremendous job of raising their children. However, according to statistics drawn from communities across the country, children raised in absent father families are more at-risk for a host of negative factors, including dropping out of school. The focus on Father’s Day is meant to be a starting point; either a celebration of existing relationships or a reason to form first connections.

Father's Day History

 Father's Day

Adapted from the NYCHA Fatherhood Initiative, HUD’s Father’s Day Initiative was developed in response to the stark socio-economic data indicating how children and youth are being negatively affected by father-absent homes. For the first celebration, 209 PHAs from 33 states held Father’s Day events.  An estimated 22,000 fathers, children, mothers and many others participated in events that local public housing authorities held all over the nation. In some cities, participants met athletes from the NFL and NBA, who joined in on the fun, while the Read it LOUD! Foundation distributed more than 1,600 free children’s books to housing authorities that participated.