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Success Stories

(NEW) Cape May Housing Authority (NJ062) partnered with Energy Market Exchange (EMEX)

The Cape May Housing Authority (NJ062) is dedicated to operating its facilities in a fiscally prudent manner, which lead the Authority to not only update all units with new energy efficient appliances, but also explore additional energy procurement options. Because the Authority covers 100% of the energy costs for their residents, overall cost reduction is an essential component.

In 2012, the Cape May Housing Authority partnered with Energy Market Exchange (EMEX) to assist with the consulting and procurement of electricity for their 85 rental units. Using EMEX's unique reverse auction technique, Cape May saw savings they were unable to achieve through traditional methods.

Over the past 24 months the Cape May Housing Authority has saved over $13,000 in utility costs (roughly 6% below ACE's current default rate). Additionally, EMEX estimates Cape May's savings over the next 18 months to exceed $17,000, which is an impressive savings of over 11% versus the utility costs.

The Cape May Housing Authority

EMEX Reverse Auction platform

(NEW) Decatur Housing Authority (GA011) Allen Wilson Terrace Revitalization

Allen Wilson Terrace was a 200 unit public housing development originally built and occupied in 1941 on 7.68 acres in downtown Decatur. Due to the serious deficiencies in the original 1941 design, obsolescence of the utility systems and other factors, the Housing Authority of the City of Decatur, Georgia (DHA) determined that something needed to be done. Despite its worsening physical condition, Allen Wilson Terrace enjoys an exceptional location near downtown Decatur, Georgia with immediate access to public transportation and proximity to shopping, restaurants and churches, as well as parks, recreation and cultural facilities. The site is within two (2) blocks of Decatur’s thriving downtown government, business, and retail district, which includes the Decatur MARTA Rail Station. Extensive employment opportunities exist within a two-mile radius of the site. Read More...


July 23, 2013 - The Housing Authority of the County of Los Angeles (HACoLA) was recently honored by two national organizations for the energy efficiency upgrades made at the Nueva Maravilla public housing development in East Los Angeles.  HACoLA proudly accepted a 2013 Achievement Award for its project “Nueva Maravilla- A Green Community” from the National Association of Counties (NACo), and an Award of Merit from the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO).  HACoLA was recognized for its continued work in local government to promote the betterment of county services and programs. Read More...

Energy Upgrades and Enhancements New Bedford HA (MA007)

Beginning in 2012, New Bedford Housing Authority (NBHA) underwent a site-wide array of infrastructure retrofits and upgrades designed to make NBHA more energy-efficient, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly PHA.  Through various funding sources, the NBHA is undertaking the largest energy performance upgrade in the organization’s seventy-five year history.

The total value of the energy performance program was $3.7 million of which $1.8 million was spent in the Federal developments and$1.9 million was spent in our State developments.  Read More...

Bangor Housing Authority, Bangor Maine (ME009)

With the growth in Energy Conservation and Green concepts, Bangor Housing strives and has implemented GREEN & LEED measures, products and methods, into all of the renovation/rehabilitation project specifications and SOW’s.  Bangor Housing will continue to follow Energy Efficiency, GREEN, and LEED practices for products and methods in all future maintenance repair work and rehabilitation and construction projects. 

Through electrical modernization, bathroom and kitchen renovations, and other rehabilitation projects, as well as civil work in/around our public housing stock, we have added energy efficient measures and GREEN building practices.  This includes but is not limited to, energy efficient fixtures and appliances, efficient lighting, efficient plumbing fixtures, post-consumer recycled products such as sheetrock manufactured with recycled contents, ‘High Density’ insulation containing recycled contents with ‘Green-Guard’ certification and Energy Star ratings, engineered sub-flooring and plywood sheathing, framing, building and trim that is FSC Certified for Sustainable Forest Practices, flooring which is ‘Floor-Score’ Certified, as well as the use of caulks, adhesives, primers, and paints that contain little or no VOC’s.  All demolition materials and debris, including but not limited to domestic copper water supply, wiring, stainless steel sinks and fixtures, and galvanized DWV are sorted and recycled.  Where possible, demolished windows, doors, wood products, appliances and fixtures are either donated to the local Habitat-for-Humanity Re-Store, or sold to consumers at a very low fee to prevent excessive landfill costs and impact.  Demolished materials are sorted at the local transfer station, with applicable materials shipped to bio-mass boiler facilities.

Recent Projects: 

  1. Kitchen Renovations.  This included but not limited to, new efficient lighting fixtures, bulbs, and plumbing fixtures, as well as certified building products, insulation, flooring, sheetrock, caulks, primers, and paints.  During the renovation work, existing rock-wool type insulation was found to be inadequate.  Bangor Housing replaced this insulation with R-15 Owens Corning Kraft insulation in 4” exterior and marriage walls, and R-19 Owens Corning Kraft insulation in 6” exterior and marriage walls.  All new insulation is ‘High Density’ manufactured with recycled contents and has ‘Green-Guard’ and Energy Star Certifications. 

  2. Appliance Replacement:  All of our Public Housing units with refrigerators that are 10 years aged or older, are being replaced with new General Electric 18 cu/ft. Energy Star Rated refrigerators.  Refrigerators that are being removed are either being recycled through our local metal recycling plant, or are being donated to Habitat-for-Humanity Re-Store.

  3. Boiler Replacement:  Currently, we are completing the replacement of antiquated oil burning boilers at our Administration building with new energy efficient propane fired Viessman boilers.  This conversion from oil to gas will save energy costs exponentially, with an estimated pay-off within three years. 

  4. Heat Pump Installation:  In our 50 unit, 10 building Griffin Park campus, currently heated by electric baseboard heating elements, we are completing the installation of Fujitsu Mini-Split Heat Pump / Air Conditioner units in each of the 50 apartments.  This is being performed through Efficiency Maine, at no cost to Bangor Housing, and is estimated that it will save up to 60% on our electrical costs.  Efficiency Maine has also installed High Energy AccuVent air baffles with an additional 14” of cellulose blown-in insulation as well as spray foam insulation at all pipe and wire and top plate penetrations.

Forward thinking Bangor Housing Authority.  Good job Bangor!!

A Green Advocate for Vermont Seniors, Barre Housing Authority (VT005)

Vermont is a picturesque state, full of lush green fields, robust forests, crisp air, and crystal blue waters.  It is the place to get away from the hustle and bustle and pollution of the big city.  But Vermont does find its environmental challenges.  See how BHA is working to make its properties more energy efficient. Click here for more information.


Mankato-Orness Plaza, Mankato EDA  (MN063)

 Mankato-Onrness Plaza

Orness Plaza, 900 Hope Street

Mankato-Orness Plaza has earned Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Silver certification by the U.S. Green Building Council and verified by the Green Building Certification Institute. LEED® is the nation’s preeminent program for design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings. Criteria that helped earn the award include: 

  • Geothermal heating and cooling system for efficient and cost-effective maintenance of building temperatures. 
  • Water conserving devices provide efficient use of water resources.
  • Energy Star appliances installed throughout Orness Plaza use less energy, save costs and help protect environment.
  • Design elements improve indoor air quality and may also help improve residents' health. Orness Plaza is part of a nationwide study to determine positive environmental impacts on residents' health.
  • Heavily insulated siding provides energy efficiencies and updates building’s appearance.

Orness Plaza has been in the Mankato community for more than 40 years and generally serves an older population. Orness Plaza is an affordable housing opportunity for those who qualify.

Northampton Housing Authority

The Northampton Housing Authority reduces utility consumption.  How?   Northampton applied for and received a Lead-By-Example grant from the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources grant of high efficiency light bulbs provided by Phillips.  At the Joseph McDonald House, we changed out more than 380 bulbs, which should provide an savings of $3,500 dollars in the first year (at .15 c per kwh).  The bulbs were installed by a UMass college student  performing Community Service. 

Good Job to Northampton. 

Waterville HA  (ME-008)

The Waterville HA located in Maine with the assistance from the Efficiency Maine program was able to weatherize properties that use electricity to heat units.  Waterville received over $230,000.00 for weatherization projects that included heat pump installation, adding insulation to attics and crawl spaces along with new bath fans that are motion activated and run 20 minutes after showers to alleviate moisture build-up.   Funding was  also used to  spray-foam overhangs and in addition, funding was used to place a poly vapor barrier in the crawl spaces.   Waterville is expecting to benefit greatly from this program as well as realizing savings right away.   Due to funding shortfalls and budget cuts, the savings achieved at the Waterville HA are a tremendous blessing that helps support utility efficiency. 

Way to Go Waterville HA

Berlin Housing Authority’s Energy Reduction Project a huge success, improving quality of life for its residents!

An air of excitement and optimism currently prevails at the Berlin Housing Authority, and one can sense it among staff and residents alike. Quality of life in general has been uplifted with the implementation of their new Energy Reduction Project. Read more...

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