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DHAP Transitional Closeout Program

September and October 2009 Transitional Rent Payments

 - Grant Agreement Amendment for September and October 2009 TRPs
 - HUD / FEMA IAA Modification authorizing September and October 2009 TRPs
 - Policy Guidelines for September and October 2009 TRPs
 - Conditions to receive September and October 2009 TRPs
 - Frequently Asked Questions - September and October 2009 TRPs

Inter Agency Agreement

 - Inter Agency Agreement (IAA)

DHAP Transitional Closeout Program

 - PHA Grant Amendment - Final

Related Notices and Guidelines

 - States and their partners should use the instructions provided in the letter below to request a grant to provide CM services to DHAP-Katrina Transitional Closeout participants within their state. The grant agreement should accompany any formal request.
 - Letter to States Requesting Transitional Case Management
 - Transitional Closeout Case Management Requests

Standard Operating Procedures

 - DHAP-Katrina Transitional Closeout Operating Requirements


 - DHAP Transitional Close-Out Process
 - View HUD's Webcasts Site

PHA Letters

 - DHAP Katrina Transitional Closeout Welcome Letter

Tenant Letters

 - Letter to Tenant (MS-Word)

Landlord Letters

 - Letter Agreement Attachment B
 - Families Remaining In Place
 - Landlord EFT Letter (MS-Word)
 - Landlord Check Letter (MS-Word)
 - Family Moved
 - New Landlord Letter Template (MS-Word)

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 - Press Release
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