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Inspector Notices and User Guides
 - Notice to Properties-Inspection of Elevator Equipment Rooms
 - Elevator FAQs
 - Inspection of Electrical Devices
 - Inspector Notice No. 2010-01; UPCS Inspection Protocol Other Hazards – Bed Bug Infestation  
 -   Inspector Notice No. 2009-03; Inspection of Elevator Equipment Rooms
 -   Inspector Notice No. 2009-02; UPCS Inspection Protocol -Inspecting Stoves and Ranges
 -   UPCS Inspection Protocol General Liability Insurance Requirement
 -   Inspector Notice 2002-02 Business Rules
Inspector Performance Monitoring

Covers business rules for monitoring inspectors' performance and adherence to the UPCS inspection protocol and code of conduct.
 -   DCD 2.3a Public Version User Guide
The purpose of the user guide is to demonstrate how to use the data collection device (DCD) to conduct a physical inspection.
 -   Occupancy Rate
Servicing Mortgagee Portfolio Tool and Inspection Scheduling Guides. See Details
 -   Inspection Review Quick Reference Guide for Contractors, Version 1.0, Release 3.1.0
 -   Physical Inspection Summary Report (version 2.3)
This document details the objectives of the Inspection Summary Report and, provides the definition for each field in the report.
 -   Scheduling
Scheduling & Bulk Upload Quick Reference Guide for Contractors Version 1.0. Release 4.0.0 is now available.
 -   Scheduling Quick Reference Guide (Public Version)
Conferees Report on PHAS - Physical Inspection System. See report. Updated March 15, 2001
 -   Dictionary of Deficiency Definitions
Dictionary of Deficiency Definitions provides a listing of each area, its associated inspectable items, and the definition and possible deficiencies for each items.
 -   PHAS Physical Condition Scoring Process Notice (6/23/1999)
Normalized area weights are weights used with area scores to create property level scores. The weights are adjusted to reflect the inspectable items that are present. Based on the importance of the deficiency, reflected in its criticality value, points are deducted from the property score. PHAS Physical Condition Scoring Process Notice (6/23/1999) - Appendix 1 provides normalized area weights and deficiency criticality values.
 -   Physical Inspection Scoring Document (6/4/1999)
To supplement the words and tables given in the PHAS Physical Condition Scoring Process Notice (6/23/1999), the Physical Inspection Scoring Document (6/4/1999) provides a fully detailed technical description of how physical inspections are scored. 
 -   Technical  Review - General Information
As outlined in the Federal Register (24 CFR Parts 5, 200 and 902), HUD allows multi-family property owners and Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) to request a technical review of a property inspection score. If property owners or PHAs disagree with the results of a physical inspection, they may submit their specific issues and challenges for review by REAC. View Guidelines and Rules for completing a request for technical review. Updated 7/26/00