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Resident Assessment Sub-System

PIH-REAC's Customer Satisfaction Survey promotes resident participation by use of a random sample survey process which measures the level of tenant satisfaction with their housing conditions. In cooperation with the PHAs, this process begins electronically with ensuring accurate unit addresses through web-based Resident Assessment Sub-System verification submissions. Learn more from our Frequently Asked Questions.

 -   How the RASS Survey Measures Up!
 -   Information Systems Documentation
 -   Asset Management Transition
Year 2 information notice published in federal register January 12, 2010.
 -   PHA Due Dates for Transition Year 2.

March 07, 2008 RASS Update:

Clarification regarding the RASS survey cycles for Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) with Fiscal Year Ends (FYE) December 31, 2006 through September 30, 2007, and the survey cycle for PHAs with FYEs December 31, 2007 through September 30, 2008.


  • Due to delays in contract negotiations surrounding the procurement of a Survey Administrator, PIH-REAC mandated that each PHA would receive a RASS score based on a "prior year's score" that was also the last RASS score actually issued to the PHA by PIH-REAC. This "score push" affected PHAs with FYEs between December 31, 2006, and September 30, 2007.
  • PHAs were notified on September 18, 2007, that if they were NOT satisfied with the "prior year's score," they would have 30 days to request to be re-surveyed during the upcoming survey cycles. The 30-day period expired on October 18, 2007. A total of 66 PHAs "opted-in" and requested to be "re-surveyed." PHAs that were exempt from the RASS Survey due to the Small PHA De-Regulation Rule, were not contacted regarding "opting-in" since they would not have been surveyed during the December 31, 2006 through September 30, 2007, period.
  • The Survey Administrator contract was awarded on October 1, 2007, and the December 31, 2007 survey cycle was initiated on October 22, 2007. In order to avoid over-lap and duplicate surveys, PHAs with a FYE of December 31, 2006 that opted-in, were surveyed with the December 31, 2007 FYE survey cycle. Likewise, PHAs with a FYE of March 31, 2007 that opted-in, will be surveyed with the March 31, 2008 FYE survey cycle. PHAs that opted-in with a FYE of June 30, 2007 and September 30, 2007, will run on separate cycles. Please see the Business Calendar for current due dates and bookmark for all future updates.
  • A Business Calendar for PHAs with FYE dates of June 30, 2008 and September 30, 2008, will be published and available on the RASS web page in the next few weeks.

Attention All PHAs!!!
On March 15, 2004, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Public and Indian Housing-Real Estate Assessment Center (PIH-REAC) began using your e-mail in the Public and Indian Housing Information Center (PIC) as the ONLY official source of this contact information. What does this mean to you and your Housing Authority?

  • You must ensure that your information in PIC is current by March 14, 2004. This information must be kept current at all times.
  • PIH-REAC will not consider the failure to receive email communication from PIH REAC as a valid basis for a PHA's appeal or a waiver request if that PHA has not maintained correct contact information in PIC.
  • Maintenance of accurate data will help ensure timely communication to and from you and PIH-REAC.
For more detailed information on updating your information in PIC, contact your PIC coach or visit the following websites for useful reference materials:
 -   PIC User Manuals and Guides
 -   PIC Essentials for PHA Employees Your Fundamental Responsibilities in the Public and Indian Housing Information Center (PIC) October 2003.

More Information and Guidance
 -   PHAs Training is available on-line.

Survey Question Report: Using the NEW Follow-up Plan Survey Question Report, a PHA can now view the percentage of residents that indicated a specific level of satisfaction for each RASS survey question choice. This tool can be useful to the PHA when developing and certifying an appropriate Follow-up Plan.

Attention Consortia PHAs:
For Further Guidance and information:
 -   Public Housing Agency (PHA) is part of a Consortium
 -   The Waiver process
 -   The Appeals process
 -   FAQ's for the small PHA Deregulation rule

ATTENTION: Small Public Housing AgenciesBased on the Deregulation for Small Public Housing Agencies, Executive Directors may request a:
 -   PHAs assessment in an exempt year for their PHAs.
 -   Frequently Asked Questions and answers relating to the Deregulation for Small PHAs.
 -   Important: Deregulation for Small Public Housing Agencies.
 -   Guidelines for Updating and Certifying Unit Addresses.

RASS has created and placed online a User's Manual. This manual contains step-by-step detailed instruction on each piece of RASS functionality that relates to PHA and Multifamily users.
 -   PIH User Guidelines
 -   Multi-Family User Guidelines