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FRS 5.0 Patch Instructions

FRS 5.0 Patch Instructions

NOTE: FRS 5.0 Patch is for existing FRS 5.0 users only.  Please close any open versions of FRS before installing the patch.

There are four steps required to download the FRS 5.0 patch:

  1. Download/Save the FRS 5.0 patch file (FRS50.EXE 3 MB) into any folder on your PC. (Please note the folder name where the file is being saved to)
  2. Go to the folder and execute the FRS50.EXE file by double-clicking it.
  3. Window will pop up requesting to “unzip” the file in the “C:\FRS50” folder. Click on “Unzip”.
  4. Window will pop up requesting to overwrite “FRS50.accdr” file. Click on “Yes”. Message will pop up “1 file(s) unzipped successfully”. Click OK and close the window. Patch installation has completed.