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Family Reporting Software (FRS)

NOTE: The current version of FRS software (FRS 4.0) works on Windows 7 (32 bit) but will not work on Windows 7 (64 bit) systems. A new version of FRS has been released (Version 5.0) and can be downloaded here. All current FRS 4.0 users need to upgrade to FRS 5.0.

FRS 4.0 is no longer supported.

What Is the Family Reporting Software (FRS)?

The Family Reporting Software (FRS) 4.0 is HUD-provided freeware (at no cost) that collects, stores, and prepares Form HUD-50058 data for transmission via the Internet to the Form-50058 sub-module of IMS-PIC at HUD. FRS can also be configured and operated to support more than one PHA. However, FRS is a single-user system and cannot be networked. FRS works only in 32-bit MS Windows Vista or earlier.

Important: The download process to install FRS on a single PC has two parts:
  • Download and install the Basic Installation File. (This only needs to be done the first time on that PC.)
  • Download and install the latest Patch Update. (This needs to be done every time HUD publishes a new Patch Update.)

Basic Installation File

Users, who are not using FRS have FRS installed on their PC may download the FRS 4.0 basic installation file from the link below:

 - Download FRS 4.0 Full Installation Program (exe, 5 MB)
 - Installation Program Instructions

FRS 4.0 Patch Update

Users, who are currently using FRS version 4.0, must download the latest cumulative FRS 4.0 patch update from the link below. To determine whether you have the latest patch installed, start FRS, click on "Help" and "About FRS". The system will display a patch date. The latest patch release date is 04/24/2009:

 - Download FRS 4.0 Patch Program (exe, 1 MB)
 - Patch Installation Instructions
 - Issues fixed in FRS 4.0 Patch

User Support

 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
 - Family Reporting Software (FRS) 4.0 User's Guide (Adobe PDF, 96 pages)
 - Family Reporting Software (FRS) 4.0 Multiple HA User Guide (Adobe PDF, 13 pages)