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Resident Characteristics Report (RCR)

What Is the Resident Characteristics Report?

The Resident Characteristics Report summarizes general information about households who reside in Public Housing, or who receive Section 8 assistance. The report provides aggregate demographic and income information that allows for an analysis of the scope and effectiveness of housing agency operations. The data used to create the report is updated once a month from IMS/PIC.

NOTE: The RCR report does not include tenant information submitted to Moving To Work (MTW) module in IMS/PIC. Consequently, the RCR report may display incomplete information for PHAs participating in MTW Program.

Report access

At this time, the RCR is available via a public web page and in IMS/PIC. A User ID and password are required to view the RCR in IMS/PIC. The content of the report is the same regardless of how you access it. Click on he link below to access the public Resident Characteristics Report:

 - Access Resident Characteristics Report

Steps for Creating a Report

A user help guide is available to assist users in creating reports. Users have options to select the level of data (from national down to a single agency or Congressional district) and the program types to be included in the report. If the user selects other than national level data, he or she also selects another level with which to compare it. The report does not disclose any individual household data.

 - Resident Characteristics Help Guide