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IMS/PIC Coach Roles

What is a Coach?

Messenger (Motivate/Communicate)

  • Ensuring connection throughout the office.
  • Informally championing IMS/PIC at all levels of Public Housing field staff.
  • Sharing field experience with IMS/PIC Washington staff.
  • Coordinating and participating in discussion forums.
  • Informing others of new IMS/PIC releases and following up after the release.

Cultivator (Identify/Create)

  • Providing guidance and implementation help for IMS/PIC training.
  • Providing guidance and implementation help for IMS/PIC operations.
  • Working with the other IMS/PIC Coaches to encourage users to update and use IMS/PIC.

Monitor (Review/Report)

  • Providing feedback to system and training developers.
  • Developing an IMS/PIC Training Plan for the specific local HUD office including a communication strategy.
  • Monitoring use of IMS/PIC by Housing Agency staff.
  • Assessing the success of the PIC training efforts and identifying training needs.

The most effective IMS/PIC Coaches:

  • Have a willingness to perform the above tasks.
  • Have the time and resources to perform the tasks.
  • Are likely and willing to remain as an IMS/PIC coach for at least one year.
  • Have functional and programmatic competency.
  • Are seen as leaders and persons who exert a positive influence.
  • Are enthusiastic.
  • Are communicators.
  • Are organized.
  • Are Team Players.
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