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Front Office Division

Every operational activity related to the functioning of the Office of Strategic Planning and Management channels through the front office (e.g. budgeting, hiring, procurement, office management, time and attendance and TEAM reporting management etc.). Thus, the role of the front office division is to serve as the heart of the office, contributing to the achievement of the overall office mission and vision by ensuring office "readiness" to complete programmatic responsibilities. The division consists of four major focus areas: (1) budget, (2) hiring, (3) procurement and (4) administration.


Budget is the first major focus area of the front office coupled with the fiduciary responsibility to manage appropriated funds in accordance with appropriation law and the established funds control plan. The funds control plan is the guidance document listing internal controls, policy and procedures by which the office will operate. The funds control plan is updated annually and approved by the Office of the Chief Financial Officer. The objective is to fully utilize personnel service and non personnel services dollars as prescribed in the funds control plan while avoiding any semblance of anti-deficiency.


Hiring is the second major focus area of the front office. Managing the administrative support of hiring centrally maximizes time spent by program areas on agency priority goals and Goal 5: transforming the way HUD does business. Hiring actions are managed jointly with input from OCFO and OCHCO. Therefore, hiring planning, recruitment, succession planning and onboarding activities including space and system start-up allows the office to obtain the resources needed in order to accomplish the mission of the agency and the office.


Procurement is one of third focus area of the front office. As part of Goal 5: transforming the way HUD does business, there are several contract vehicles managed by the front office. Included are two blanket purchase agreements (BPA) with multiple task orders utilized by seven program offices within the agency and OSPM; an inter-agency agreement with FEDSIM and two contracts to support the grants management office. In addition, the BPA also issues task orders to support the work of the PMO within OSPM.


Administration is the fourth focus area of the front office. Many tasks including special projects fall into this category. The division is responsible for managing all of the travel, training, printing and supplies requests necessary for carrying out the initiatives and priority goals of the Secretary, the goals of the strategic plan and the career enhancement of staff. In addition, the team also manages space planning, on-boarding, payroll, systems administration, telework, marketing OSPM, contingency planning, emergency preparedness and policy and procedures.